For some people, saying thank you is as easy as breathing. For others, those two little words are extremely difficult to say. But there comes a time when everyone feels the need to show their gratitude. 

If you’re struggling to show your appreciation, here are some helpful suggestions:

1. Send an E-Card or GIF

Technology makes it easy to say thanks, particularly if you feel awkward doing so in person. With an e-card or cute GIF, you can express your feelings without getting too sentimental.

2. Give a Gift

Carefully select a gift made for the recipient. Gift-giving is a universal sign of humility, peace, and thanks. Therefore, it should have no problem doing the talking for you. 

3. Customize Candy

Create a customized candy wrapper that actually says thank you. All you have to do is deliver the treat, and the deed is done. 

4. Give a Toast

Honor someone special during a gathering by raising your glass. You might also take the opportunity to say a few words about what this person has done for you and why they deserve it. 

5. Write Something

Poems, brief notes, songs, short stories—any form of writing can be seen as a very personal and heart-felt thank you.

6. Gift a Gift Card

Everyone loves gift cards. When you’re not sure what to get for a specific person, a gift card is a slam dunk every time. You can also include a personalized thank you note.

7. Use Social Media

Make the world aware of someone’s good deeds with a social media blast. Your blog, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram—a message on any of these networks can make a person feel particularly loved and appreciated.

8. Create a Video

Multimedia has a plethora of uses. Why not use video to convey a personal shout out for someone who has done right by you?

9. Bake Cookies

There’s no better way to show your love than a plate of cookies baked with love. You’ll feel good because of your kind act, and the person will be touched and surprised by your benevolence. Be sure to include a thank you note to help get your message across.

10. Take a Photo

If you’re showing appreciation to someone very close to you, capturing a moment can say more than words. It can help to put a smile on their face. Write a sweet note on the back to say thanks.

11. Pay It Forward

Sometimes, the best way to repay generosity is to do something kind for someone else. Look around for an opportunity to share your skills and promote goodness.

12. Offer Service

In repayment of a kind deed, offer your services. You might mow a lawn, take out the trash, paint a fence, run errands, or do another action for someone who’s been good to you.

13. Design a Thank You Story on Snapchat

Users of the Snapchat app can personalize any message with a hand drawing, customized emoji, or writing. You can craft your own digital thank you note in this manner, which often says much more than simple words.

14. Offer Knowledge

Share information or a new skill as a way to return a favor. This is a particularly good way to thank someone who has taught you a skill. 

15. Give the Gift of Time

Offer a listening ear or a day spent together. Time is a universal language anyone can understand and appreciate.

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