Here are some of the most unheard places for vacations during New Year’s that you can thoroughly enjoy.

Muscat in Oman

Why to visit

Away from the tall buildings and busy life of Dubai lies one of the prettiest cities ever and that is Muscat in Oman. The beautiful beaches together with the mountains and colorful buildings make Muscat one of the must visit places when the year is about to end. In fact, you will feel the full burst of celebrations on New Year’s night because of all the fireworks show that take place.

Must to Do

Roof top dinner on New Year’s Eve is a must here. Enjoy the fireworks while eating the best food in Oman along with your friends or beloved. This wonderful experience will stay in your mind for years to come.

Rovinj in Croatia

Why to visit

Croatia in itself is a very beautiful place and Rovinj is an extension of that beauty. The sailboats on the blue waters and picturesque seaside houses will make your stay heavenly. Once you reach Rovinj using the Travelguru coupons you will not feel like returning home. The perfect combination of the blue sky and the turquoise blue water will be extremely pleasing to your eyes.

Must to Do

Visit Main Square where Croatian bands gather up for some heart rending musical performances on New Year’s Eve and enjoy your time. This is a great way to welcome 2017 with full energy and vitality.

Praia a Mare in Italy

Why to visit

When it comes to some of the most charming places in the world, Praia a Mare ranks high in the list. However, it has not been touched by many visitors and it is still not known to the tourists. The vast empty beaches, blue sea waters and high cliffs, you could not ask for anything better for your New Year. Explore the Dino Island and go diving in the crystal clear waters.

Must to Do

Stay in a lovely castle and welcome the New Year right from its roof top. That will be one dream come true because the scenes are just out of this world when the fireworks show start and you will simply get transported to another dream world. What is best of all is that you can use the Expedia offers to get huge discount on your trip to your chosen destination.

Tromsø in Norway

Why to visit

When you have the Northern Lights to see, who needs fireworks for New Year celebrations! Tromsø in Norway is the perfect town to view the Northern Lights and they are just surreal. The relaxed life of Tromsø will make you feel at home and the city lights up beautifully at night. Can you believe that it is just 200 miles away from the Arctic Circle!

Must to Do

Order a bottle of champagne and have a time of your life watching the multicolored light waves transform and change their colors. This will top the charts of any person who wants to welcome the New Year in a special way.

Antequera in Spain

Why to visit

If you are one for the taste buds and love enjoying Spanish food, then Antequera is the place to be during this New Year. This small town is one of the cleanest places you will ever see and the soothing atmosphere will make your visit a calm and peaceful one. On top of that, you will get the finest wines here.

Must to Do

Party all night with your friends, dance to the tunes of local Spanish music and enjoy the moments to the fullest. This town lights up and becomes a whole new place on the New Year’s Eve which will fill your life with fun and excitements.

When you have both time and money to spend, you should spend them on places where people have not been so much. The above locations have been untouched by most of the tourists and this is the advantage that you can take. Book your tickets by comparing offers in and set off to reap all the fun.

Here’s wishing you a great vacation and a Happy New Year!

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