A Work of Art In Every Picture

Pet lovers regularly photograph their four-footed family members in all variety of poses. From the ludicrous to the serious to the poignant to the sad, oftentimes those in love with a cat or dog will take pictures of their pets with greater frequency than they memorialize their own human friends!

This makes a lot of sense, because the love between people and pets has an unconditional quality to it that often isn't found between people. Certainly, there are instances where owners mistreat their pets, or where some cat gets an attitude as a kitten that never leaves through the course of its life. But most the time, the relationship between humans and their animals has a unique, beautiful quality to it.

There is such a quality to this relationship that oftentimes leaving a pet behind for an important trip, or for an overseas adventure, becomes difficult. While those artful pictures serve as a means of remembering pets in part, they don't quite do the animals the justice they deserve. For that, a painting serves much better.

Will Your Pet Hold Still For A Portrait?

There's a difficulty here, though: even the most obedient dog is going to have to use the restroom every now and again. And unless you catch a cat napping, good luck getting that animal to stay still. It's very difficult for a professional painter to come to your home and capture your pets with that artistic flair that comes with portraiture. There is an alternative, however.

Modern technology allows photographs to be printed on canvas and colored by professional artists directly. The process usually takes a week to ten days, but minor alterations can be made, as well as major alterations. For example, you can do a head-swap for the sake of comedy; putting your dog's head on your shoulders, and your head on your dog's shoulders.

Certainly this would be strange, but humans are as unique as animals are, and how they choose to memorialize their pets is their business. What's important here is that a portrait oftentimes says more about an animal than a picture can. Especially when that portrait is lovingly painted by a master artist who understands nuance and technique.

InstaPainting.com is one of many places to get a pet portrait; and, according to their site, you can have your portrait shipped: “...rolled or gallery wrapped.” This means whether you're at home or on the road, you can have the portrait sent to you in a way that meets your needs.

Bring The Portrait Abroad

There are certainly scenarios where you just can't bring the animals with you. For instance, if you're a scientist doing a stint in Antarctica for a huge payoff. In such an extreme, there's no way for you to bring your favorite feline with you to McMurdo Station for the duration of your stay.

But you don't have to go to Antarctica to find a place where you can't bring your animals. Sometimes an extended business trip will preclude you from including your furry friends; sometimes you're traveling regularly and must jump from place to place. With a painted portrait, you can almost bring a picture to life. An artist can see things and translate them onto canvas better than a camera.

A camera just records the play of light around three-dimensional objects, whereas a professional artist interprets that play of light such that it actually reaches the viewer on an emotional level. In this way, you can bring your four-footed friends with you wherever you are.


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