BreakfastWe all know relationships, only get better with age. You both have spent a long time together and it really calls for a celebration to commemorate the blossoming relationship between the two of you.

When you have decided to celebrate the great occasion, it definitely needs to be complemented with extraordinary anniversary gifts. Your partner means a lot to you, so why to gift him/her something ordinary and just anything purchased from anywhere. In this blog, we are providing some useful DIY anniversary gift ideas for the couples who want to offer exciting anniversary gifts to their partners.

Drop a morning message beside the bed with breakfast for her-

Isn’t it be exciting when she would discover a wonderful morning message on the table along with the breakfast? Of course, she would love it. So, why not give her a surprise in the morning itself about your preparations for the big day? If you have good cooking skills, you can also bake a wedding anniversary cake along with the breakfast of her choice. It would definitely be a great start for this special occasion. 

Hang love coupons for him/her on the wall-

Sometimes, sweet little things do have a big impact than grand parties and love coupons are a good addition into it. You can write lovely messages for your partner on small handmade colorful papers about the upcoming plans for him/her and hang them on the wall. The message could be something like surprise anniversary gifts for him/her, your feelings, any indoor/outdoor activity or any other exciting things. 

Gift a “What I love about you” deck of cards- 

It is good to inform your partner about what keeps your relationship alive and what are the traits that makes him/her mad for you. If it is the big moment like anniversary day, there would not be any other appropriate occasion to describe your feelings and emotions for your partner. Create a hand crafted deck of cards for your partner and write the qualities or traits of the partner that you love about him/her the most. This acknowledgement will bring both of you much closer and will cement your relationship further.  

Create a “Happy Jar”-

Both the partners want to support each other in the thick and thin times. However, there are times when you both may not be together due to work related engagements or any other such involvements. Why not prepare a “Happy Jar” for your partner during those times when you are not physically available to comfort him/her? You just have to write cheerful messages, catchy one liner or small jokes on a paper that can keep your partner in high spirits when he/she is feeling low and put them into a small fancy jar. Inform your partner to take out any of the paper and read it during the time of distress. Believe me, it will definitely be a special anniversary gift for your partner. 

Design personalized coffee mugs for the two of you-

Morning coffee is a great way to start your day. It would be really cool to include your creativity with the coffee mugs. You can give a personalized touch to the coffee mugs for you and your partner with special messages or a wedding photo. Check out yourself how this little out-of-the-box anniversary gift could infuse a new lease of life to your old relationship.

Wrap chocolate boxes for your partner-

Chocolates are loved by one and all. They are irresistible and are a guilty passion for some. Why not gift your partner some of his/her favorite chocolates in handmade cute chocolate boxes wrapped in beautiful ribbons? I am sure your partner will love this as a special anniversary gift for a long time. So, take your time out and buy the favorite chocolates from your grocery store and pack them in small fancy chocolate boxes for your partner.

These small DIY tips are an amazing way to give a unique look and feel to your anniversary celebrations. It is time to break the jinx and try out some of these gifts that could convey a personal touch and feelings to your partner on this great opportunity.

- Morning messages, love coupons, “What I love about you” deck of cards, cute chocolate boxes, etc.

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