In this day and age, you have hundreds of games and puzzles available to you on just your phone alone. Even with so many easy entertainment options at your fingertips, traditional brain teaser puzzles can enrich your life and your well-being in ways that apps can’t. Here are a few:

  • Brain teaser puzzles improve wellness and mindfulness. Intricate brain teaser puzzles require you to focus without over-stimulating your senses. They are especially helpful in reducing anxiety and improving concentration. By constructing a puzzle piece-by-piece, you are able to reduce your blood pressure and cortisol levels. Since chronic elevated stress levels damage the brain, brain teaser puzzles can make your mind healthier for the many challenging tasks you must complete in a day. Playing with mind teaser puzzles can have a meditative effect on you. This helps your brain to create dopamine, which provides you with feelings of enjoyment and motivation to continue tasks.

  • They also make you think deeply. Brainteaser puzzles make you do more than match colors and shapes or make reflexive choices, like so many popular games. Connecting the intricate pieces of brain teaser puzzles demands creativity. It also requires lateral thinking, which demands that you make logical, but not immediately obvious decisions to succeed. The Harvard Business Review has called this a hallmark trait of great leaders. You need to look at familiar problems in new ways in order to solve brain teaser puzzles – a skill that is hugely helpful even when you step away from the game.

  • You can support great artists by buying puzzles. Many brain teaser puzzles are still created from top-quality materials by expert craftsmen. Puzzle making is an industrial art that dates back hundreds of years. We are bombarded with free apps and handheld devices, but puzzle makers create something special beyond the app du jour. When today’s hottest smartphones are obsolete, handcrafted brain teaser puzzles will still be passed from generation to generation.

  • Children benefit from brainteaser puzzles. The Child Development Institute has found that young people benefit from playing with tactile puzzles in critical ways. They strengthen fine motor skills, those that use movements from the coordination of small muscles. Children also learn autonomy, grit, and problem-solving from puzzles – you can’t cheat to complete a brain teaser puzzle, so you have to find a way to solve it to succeed.

  • Be the life of the party. Brain teaser puzzles encourage teamwork and problem solving, and they offer your guests something novel to do while bonding and socializing. When you can turn electronic devices off and take a break from the constant stream of messages and information, you can be present and connect more deeply with the people around you, while still having fun.

Brain teaser puzzles offer a unique opportunity to combine learning, wellness, artistry, and values into your entertainment options. Shop for brain teaser puzzles and discover new ways to challenge your mind and support a beautiful, rich tradition of making games that delight your senses and stretch your imagination.

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