It is very important for working women to be well-dressed and presentable. This becomes more important especially when you are following a job role where you have to interact with your clients. Moreover, what you wear at the work place gives out the sign like whether you are serious about your job or not. If you are wearing it wrong, then it may give out the message that you are a bit unorganized, when it comes to work.

So follow these top tips and look your best at your workplace.

1. Project the look

“Out of bed and straight to the office” look is not at all acceptable. You have to come up with a look which gives out a feel that you have put in efforts to look good at the office. You can even follow your boss and try to copy her as this will help you get the right professional look.

2. Maintain the polished look

If you happen to look cool some days then it is okay but, you must make sure that you follow a polished look rest of the days. Your wardrobe should have the collection of classic office attire like button up blouses, pencil skirts and pantsuits. In case if you want to buy some, you can have them for less using Marks and Spencer promotional code from Dealslands. Adding some colours to your attire is acceptable. Moreover, make sure you follow a hairstyle that suits your looks and your dress code.

3. Get the right watch

No doubt people notice what you wear whether it is clothes or accessories. One such important accessory is watch. So make sure you find one with amazing looks from a good brand. This will create a long lasting impression on your colleagues and business clients.

4. Jewellery - keep it simple

Remember that you are not on a dinner date or for a party with your friends. You should not wear jewellery that will easily grab the attention of the onlookers. Keep them minimal and ensure you have classy pieces. You can easily browse for perfect office jewellery online and even manage to find a better deal on them with Dealslands.   

5. Get the right fit

Uncomfortable and wrong fitting clothes can spoil your whole day. Moreover, it will get you unwanted attention. You will look slouchy if you are wearing oversized clothes, while you will feel unrest when wearing tight clothes. So make sure you wear the right fit clothes that clearly showcases your professional image.

6. Get your suits

No professional outfit is complete without suits. The three important outfits that constitute towards office attire are black, navy and grey. You can either have them with fine lines or subtle patterns but, make sure you don’t go for the ones with bold designs or cuts. For the right professional look suit pants are best, especially when you are travelling or else, skirt suits look good.

7. Don’t go deep

Remember an office is a place where you are supposed to wear right and maintain the professional look. Office is not the place to show off your cleavage. So make sure that you should be avoiding low-cut shirts at any cost.

8. Get right sized handbag

Your handbag is supposed to keep all your important personal belongings but, this does not mean that you should be carrying a huge one. It will look oversized and will affect your appearance. So find a bag that is small or medium sized and just right to keep yourself organized.

9. Get the right shoes

Invest in the right kind of footwear that you are comfortable with. A pair of heels you are comfortable in may not be for another woman. Make sure you only wear one that you are comfortable in otherwise, you will spend the whole day adjusting them. Your closet should have a pair of black leather shoes and one in nude hues. Moreover, you must avoid backless styles and open-toe shoes if you are not regular with pedicure.

10. Have the right pair of shoes ready at your desk

What if a meeting with a client is fixed at the last moment? Or what if you have to walk a mile to meet your client? So depending on the situation you have right pairs of heels and flats at your desk. This will help you to be ready for the last moment without any second thoughts. Moreover, make sure you have neutrals which can go easily with any outfit.

11. Nails

A number of people notice your nails and so make sure that you don’t leave them half painted. So either remove your nail paint when it starts to peel off or completely go without a tail paint.

12. Make-up

Avoid overdoing your makeup. You should also see that you are not having sparkly lips to the workplace. It should be done nicely by using softer hues of colours. You want to look professional and don’t want people to think about you otherwise. Moreover, carrying the makeup essentials will help you to be ready for any last minute client meeting at lunch or for a dinner party

13. Check your casual looks

Most of the offices have a casual wear day by the end of the week. This does not mean that you end up reaching the office in a pair of slippers and pajamas. What you wear greatly projects your professional role and so this attire can get you fired.

14. Concentrate on the fabric

You don’t have much time to pamper your office wear. So make sure you invest on some which are easy to wash and maintain. If you find clothes with the label “Dry clean only” then they should never be on your weekday office wear list. They are a waste of money as well as time. In case you have a good steamer, then you can press them neatly between wearings to look good.

Wearing right is very important part of your professional life for others to take you seriously, as well as to make yourself presentable for your clients. Still, you can add a pinch of fashion by going for a hip hop blouse, leopard shoes, floral dress or some funky handbags.

So if you too are planning to revamp your wardrobe for work, go through these tips and look amazing.