RV trips are really making a huge resurgence in popularity. For many years, the concept of the RV was thought of as something more for retired people, but now as is evidenced by stories shared on sites like Outdoorsy, many younger families are making this their primary mode of travel. 

There are a lot of advantages to traveling by RV, including the freedom and flexibility it gives you, the fact it can help you save money, and the memories you can make as a family. 

While there are plenty of perks that come with taking a family RV road trip, there are also some tips and things to know about logistics and planning, some of which are highlighted below.

Use the RV Trip Wizard

There are a lot of apps available that can help you plan the details of this kind of trip, but one of the best is called the RV Trip Wizard. This app has a lot of great features including the ability to browse more than 17,000 campgrounds and 57,000 points of interest. It also features a visual trip planner so you can see your route marked with campgrounds, gas stations and points of interest.

An even better feature of the RV Trip Wizard is the ability to plan the cost of your trip including gas and campground fees, and you can set your driving distances to make sure you’re not trying to push it too far. 

This is a technological way to outline your route and set your timeline to make sure you have the trip you want.

Set Your Budget

While you can set your budget using an app like the RV Trip Wizard, this isn’t going to necessarily include things like meals and how much you’ll spend at various points of interest. This will be up to you to set, so you’ll want to think ahead of time about how often you want to eat out, as well as when you want to buy groceries and how much you can spend on those items.

You may want to also set aside an emergency fund for any unforeseen expenses, as well as a splurge fund that the family can use to do little extras along the way. 

Planning for Electrical Load

There are some logistics to keep in mind when you’re planning an RV road trip, and one of the most important is knowing your electrical load so that you don’t use too many appliances at one time. 

A good tip is to label each appliance with the amps it uses, so you never have to worry about overloading. 

Low Clearance Alert System

Another great mobile app for RV travelers is the Low Clearance Alert System. It integrates with all major GPS systems and smartphones, and you can customize it with the height of your vehicle. It will help you avoid hazards including low bridges. It’s an important tool especially considering there is more than $100 million in property damage done every year because of low collision accidents. 

Of course, these aren’t all the tips you’ll need to keep in mind as you plan a family RV trip, but they are a few of the most important tips and tricks to help you get started.