When you love the outdoors, it’s only natural to want to take your furry friend on some of your adventures. They won’t be able to enjoy monuments and outdoor art festivals with your level of appreciation, but they’ll undoubtedly enjoy being in a new environment with new smells and new people to meet.

Safety comes first

Going on adventures with your dog can be a fun experience, provided you make sure they’re safe every step of the way. It’s not difficult to ensure their safety as long as you call ahead of time to book your travel and accommodations. Choose only the options you feel have your pet’s best interests in mind.

For example, if you have any reason to hesitate taking your pet on a plane, even in the cabin, don’t do it. Pets are easily stressed out, and many pets die each year while being transported on commercial airlines.

You don’t have to go far

You don’t have to fly to a far away destination to have adventures with your dog. Find a local campground that allows pets and stay overnight in a tent or an RV. If you don’t want to stay over, just go exploring. Or, drive to a hiking destination that allows pets on the trail. Just remember to bring extra food and water for you and your dog, and don’t hike too far to prevent them from becoming exhausted on the return trip. Even a five pound dog will start to feel heavy if you have to carry them for too long!

If you want to explore a specific geographical area but can’t find a pet-friendly hotel to stay in, consider renting a camper or a small RV for a short road trip.

Have your paperwork handy at all times

Just like you did when you went house shopping with your dog, have all of their paperwork available for anyone who needs to see it. There are some US cities with breed-restricted ordinances that don’t allow certain breeds even when on a leash. This is especially important if your dog resembles a breed that is commonly restricted (like Pit Bulls).

For instance, if your dog is an American Staffordshire Terrier, be ready to show proof of breed. Although this breed descended from the same bloodline as the Pit Bull, they are legally recognized as separate breeds.

Pack the best snacks

To make your adventure even more exciting, pack some tasty snacks you wouldn’t normally give your dog. Bring a few bags of beef jerky, for example. Get the kind labeled “extra tender” that isn’t covered in pepper. Be sure to read the ingredients to avoid allergens.

Another good snack you can enjoy together is string cheese. Just make sure you don’t give them snacks that will make it harder to pick up their poop if they choose to go on the sidewalk, or other cement surface.

While your dog will enjoy these snacks, they’ll also come in handy if you need to entice them away from potential danger, or if they accidentally get off leash.

Bring basic emergency supplies

Emergency supplies are a must for any adventure with your dog. Aside from the basics like bandages and gauze, you’ll want to pack some snap-activated ice and heat packs, too. If you go hiking, make sure you bring your tweezers, a stretchable bandage, and a tick remover tool.

Also, make sure you scout out the local veterinary hospitals just in case.

Take lots of photos

You can always tell who the dog lovers are on Facebook because they always post photos of their dog, or take selfies with their dog. Be one of those people. Your friends will love it!

Create a social media account for your dog

If your dog doesn’t have an Instagram or a Facebook account, it’s definitely time to create one. You can post your adventure photos from your own perspective, but it’s fun to give your dog a voice, too.

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