Bachata is by far one of the most popular social Latin American dances around the world. But very few people know that it was originally called the "dance of bitterness".

Bachata is an incredibly beautiful dance. But in order to properly dance bachata in all respects, it is not enough to learn the steps, it is necessary to feel the whole meaning of the dance, feel it with all the body and give it your all!

History of the origin of dance

In some historical sources, the dance of bachata is mentioned as early as the beginning of the 20th century. However, the official appearance of this dance direction is attributed only to the 60th years of the same century. According to historians studying the development of world choreography, bachata was first performed in the Dominican Republic during a kind of popular depression caused by the complicated political situation in the country at that time.

In those days bachata served as an antidepressant dance for ordinary people. In the songs, used to accompany bachata dance, people sang about sad and depressing things, tragic situations and the complexity of life. People tried to pour out all the sore. That is why bachata at that time was called the "song of bitterness". At the same time, the dance itself performed to melodic music helped the poor to entertain themselves and cheer up. That is why mass festivities were arranged quite often, and bachata quickly became very popular.

However, for a very long time this dance in the Dominican Republic was considered as unworthy, base and dirty. Bachata was forbidden to dance in a decent society, melodies were not played on the radio, and recordings were impossible to buy.

And only in the 80s of the 20th century all the official and unofficial prohibitions against bachata were removed. In melodic rhythms people found an opportunity to reveal their emotions and feelings. In the songs people gradually began to tell not about politics and complex life, but about experiences, mental anguish, etc. Music, and with it the dance, began to acquire their fans not only in the Dominican Republic, but throughout the world.

Already in the early 90s the varieties of dance began to appear. In addition, the music under which the bachata is performed has accelerated, and the dances have become even more frank, but this is no less attractive.

Today, all over the world, bachata is danced at discotheques and parties, as well as at professional festivals and competitions in social Latin American dances.

Special features of bachata

Musical size - 4/4

Tempo is moderate


One of the main accents of bachata is its musical accompaniment. In the classical version, the bachata was danced to a melodic tune on an acoustic guitar. To date, this tool has been supplemented by others. However, in real bachata "artificial" computer sounds are never used. The sound must be deep, rhythmic and real. That is why most of the bachata are performed with the accompaniment of exclusively ethnic musical instruments.

Bachata is a kind of mix of bolero and classical Dominican son. However, it lacks the rhythm of "clave", which is characteristic for the ethnic music and dance styles of the Dominican Republic.


Bachata steps are relatively simple. After all, originally this dance was folk and was danced everywhere, which completely eliminated the complexity of the choreography. The main rule is very close contact between partners. This complicates the performance of sharp turns, but it assumes easy circular movements around each other with locked hands. The main ligament of bachata are four steps from side to side, and back and forth. The emphasis is on the last step.

Each of us needs love and affection, romance and vivid emotions. Bachata dance lessons in Dubai will teach you to openly and beautifully express your feelings for a partner, you will open up, feel yourself necessary and meaningful person.

Just try, what plasticity, what sensations, what emotions cause training bachata dancing.

Also, remember that in order to learn how to dance bachata, you need to be able to really and sincerely feel. And then you will necessarily succeed. After all, bachata is a dance of the soul!

Dance with pleasure!

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