There was the time when marketing on Facebook was very simple. You just have to create your ad and choose the audience and your ad will appear to your customers. Going some years forward and now the digital agencies are just dying to get the Facebook Blueprint Certification. Suppose you are doing Facebook ads marketing for a long time now, you know what the Facebook Blueprint Certification Course is all about. If not, it is the right time to learn about it. When you are certified in the Blueprint Certification that means you have spent enough time on learning an ad platform that is given by the Facebook. Here you will know what exactly the Facebook Blueprint Certification course is & why is it very important for the advertisers and digital marketers?

What’s Facebook Blueprint?

The Facebook Blueprint is a globally recognized certification and training program that allows digital marketers to efficiently promote and advertise their products or services on Facebook & Instagram. There’re 3 steps through which the marketers will learn, prepare & implement Facebook marketing program:

Firstly you need to hit the Blueprint eLearning center. It is the resource library to take your free courses online about everything you want to know about Facebook marketing.

You have equipped yourself with all necessary knowledge from eLearning center. You have to distinguish yourself being a digital marketing professional with the Facebook’s products. Forgetting the prestigious certified professional status in Facebook you will have to go through the meticulously made tests, which measure your knowledge on how to market the products or services on Facebook. Also, you will get certification by passing two exams.

When you have acquired the Facebook Certified badge, you will have to attend the Blueprint Live workshop. In this workshop, you will learn how knowledge that you accumulated is implemented. The workshop is a one-on-one learning and training program, which can further help you understand how you need to use Instagram and Facebook marketing program to bolster your advertising plan.

How one can get certified in the Facebook Blueprint?

The Facebook Blueprint Certification Course was launched in 2015. When you are certified on the Facebook Blueprint Certification you will get the badge that gives you the unique distinction as a digital marketer. You will be able to boast the badge on your site to display your Facebook advertising skills. You would be wondering why you have to feel so proud of getting certified on the Facebook Blueprint. It is because the Facebook Blueprint Certification Course is tougher than you actually think. It isn’t like other digital marketing certification course’s test, which you may have given. This test is very serious as the college exam. There are some policies that you have to consider when going for the Blueprint Certification test and it includes:

  • You are not allowed using your personal things when giving this exam. Things such as mobile phone, tablets, preparation notes, books, and other electronic devices.
  • You aren’t allowed to use note and writing material during your final exam.
  • Your phone and other electronic devices have to be switched off when doing this exam.
  • You will not disclose questions & answers to anybody before, after and when taking this exam.
  • If you are keen to take this exam, you have to sign Non-Disclosure Agreement prior to you start this exam.
  • It isn’t allowed to take break when giving this exam. When you start your exam you can’t leave the room.

Things to know for the Facebook Blueprint Certification Course exam

  • You will get around 75 mins to complete this exam.
  • Every exam will cost over $150. Thus, the total cost for Facebook Blueprint Certification course exams comes to $300.
  • If you are giving an exam from your home, the best practice is testing your environment with a webcam before appearing for an exam.
  • To be updated you have to retake exam every year to renew the certification.
  • It’s advised to take the exam in home and somewhere you are not disturbed.

Bottom Line

Facebook Blueprint Certification is no doubt the highly expensive certifications course ever released. Even though there are many courses available who claim of training you to create the Facebook ads, which will get you good leads, while it comes about Facebook Blueprint Certification Course, the curriculum is practical and extensive.

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