Whenever talking about home technology, the things that come to mind are smart TV sets, Alexa and other automation gadgets. Some also think about kitchen cooking gadgets that were designed to help. Few people ever consider the bathroom. 

Our bathroom is where we unwind and relax. This is why it should be no surprise to see that brand new modern technology is being developed for the bathroom. Such technology can help people feel better as they offer convenience and calmness. 

Nowadays, we actually have access to spa-style technology that can be added to our bathroom. Numerous app-controlled products appeared on the market. Fix It Right Plumbing in Berwick highlights the following as tech trends you most likely want to be aware of. 

Voice Control

Voice control technology has huge impact on smart homes. No specific items are needed in many cases. For instance, when using the Amazon Alexa gadget, bathroom lighting can be utilized through Echo Dot or Echo when linked to some smart lightbulbs. This would create that spa-like, calm experience you simply love. Alternatively, such technology can simply be utilized in order to listen to the music that you love as you have a relaxing bath. You can always combine everything with portable, water resistant, small speakers. 

Kohler recently caught attention as it took voice activation to a whole new level. This actually includes toilets and showers that are connected through the proprietary Konnect platform

Smart mirrors

This is a tech trend for your bathroom that you most likely do not know anything about. You can now use smart mirrors that can do so much more than just show reflections. Mirrored cabinets now need much more, like shaving sockets or sensor lighting. 

Duravit’s Luv mirror is a great example of a smart mirror. It includes a great touchless control panel that will help you to operate LED lighting, mirror heating and dimming function, among others. Waving a hand will help buttons activate. Numerous startups now work on other smart mirrors that could be available in 2019. 

Music Technology

If you are a music lover, you surely appreciate the possibility to listen to music as you take a bath. Bathroom manufacturers quickly realized that this is the case and now include various bathroom appliances that have built-in speakers. Kohler is again on the list of great companies to consider, thanks to their Moxie showerhead. It includes a built-in speaker that operates through Bluetooth. 

Digital Showers

Last but not least, we need to highlight digital showers as these are those that have a really high possibility of being a true success. It can be difficult to fiddle around those hard-to-reach shower controls as you want to get preferred temperature and pressure. Digital showers can now include LED lights capable of changing colors, can adjust temperature settings and make the showering experience perfect for you. 

On the whole, we can say that the modern bathroom is much different than what we regularly think of. It is a certainty that new gadgets will be developed in the future since homeowners want the same comfort they get in other rooms to translate to the bathroom.

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