Birthdays are special. Adult or a kid, birthday excitement is something that no one could escape and when it is adorned with a birthday party, the thrill becomes undefinable. Friends, family, music, fun, laughter and all this meant for one special person. Phone don’t stop buzzing and social media is filled with wishes. Your mom cooks your favourite delicacies and gifts just couldn’t stop pouring. That one day is just magical when everything in the world is about you. 

However, when it comes to arrange a birthday party, pretty much everything is same as the other ones. Cake, snacks, dinner, music and dance, and this regime now seems pretty mundane when the new and better ways are coming up everyday to make this special day much more exciting. So, what different you could do to make this day as unique as a snowflake. Here are some ides to follow through to give everyone a different taste of the birthday party.

1. Theme Cakes

Ditch the usual flavour and frosting and opt for a theme cake for birthday this time. Pick one which suits the personality of the birthday boy/girl. Not only it will attract humour from the guests but it will also become the centre of attraction at the party.

2. Treasure Hunt

Keep aside the lame games like spin the bottle and opt for much more thrilling ones like treasure hunt. It will make your birthday party a sure hit and will keep guest on their toes with amusement.

3. Under The Stars

Not the house or hotel but a camping site, close to mother nature and under the stars, this venue will make everyone want to be on your guest list. The morning after will feel fresh and alive rather than tired and tedious.

4. Make It Like Coachella

Flower crowns and smashing playlist will send your dear friends into a dreamy frenzy and they would never want to step back into reality.

5. Karaoke Night

Why just to make your feet tap when you can exercise your vocal chords too! Instead of just dancing, sing and dance to your own tunes. Plan a karaoke night and let everyone sing their heart out. Giggles and laughter won’t stop all night.

6. Throw A Period Party

70’s fashion or 80’s hairstyles, period parties are synonyms of fun and enjoyment. Throw one and watch everyone engage in the special evening with enthusiasm and eagerness.

7. Treat Yourself

Pamper yourself in any way you want to, make it a spa day or take yourself to a shopping spree, do whatever it takes to make yourself happy. After all, this is your day and you should spend it the way you want to.

No matter what the age is, birthday party resonate with laughter, cheeriness and reminiscence. This is the chance to make some new memories with the people you love. Moments are temporary but memories are forever and this year, plan a party that will be remembered by all for a long time.

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