If you suffer from anxiety, you’re not alone. The Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA) states that anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness in the United States. About 40 million adults or 18 percent of the population are affected. 

Anxiety can occur because of many factors. It could be genetic or affected by your brain chemistry. It might come on after a particular life event, or it could have something to do with your personality. 

No matter the cause, it is treatable. However, only a little over a third of individuals who suffer from anxiety receive treatment. Those who have forgone the treatment option might not realize all that’s available. More still choose not to receive treatment because they haven’t found a good fit. 

Medications used to treat anxiety often come with side effects that are difficult to handle or they aren’t as effective as promised. There’s high demand for effective treatment, and many have found comfort in the use of CBD products, such as CBD gummies for anxiety


Before we get into the benefits for treating anxiety, it’s important to recognize that cannabidiol (CBD) is not THC. There’s a common misconception that the two are interchangeable. However, it’s true that they are both derived from the hemp plant.

However, CBD does not have the same psychoactive properties as THC, meaning that you can’t get “high” from it. In order to get “high,” an adult with no tolerance for the drug must contain at least 2.5 percent THC. Even then, the vast majority of adults wouldn’t notice a shift in mood. Even small children could handle that much THC without getting high, although this could be very dangerous for them and shouldn’t be attempted. 

To put that into perspective, CBD sold legally in the United States does not contain more than 0.3 percent THC. This microscopic amount is barely noticed by your body, and it lets the CBD element take the lead on helping you feel better. 

CBD Research Supports Its Use for Anxiety Treatment 

CBD research is lacking in the medical community, but more CBD research has been performed on its effectiveness on anxiety than any other health category. A well-respected study from the medical journal Neurotherapeutics reports that cannabidiol may be a very effective treatment for anxiety disorders and should be more widely explored in the mental health community.

These studies started out with trials on rodents who experienced anxiety in stressful situations. When given CBD, the rodents were much more calm and nonchalant when exposed to stressors than those who were given nothing. 

When taken to human trials, the anxiolytic role of CBD was undeniable. However, study authors were not able to see the full extent of its benefits because human trials using CBD are very limited. Further research is needed to guarantee these findings. 

Another study performed in 2010 showed that CBD put those suffering from social anxiety at ease when in difficult situations. Participants were given a small dose of CBD, and then brain scans were taken to show that there were changes in blood flow to the regions of the brain connected to anxiety. Similar findings were reported in a 2011 study

These studies and others have also shown a reduction of depressed feelings for those taking CBD. Depression and anxiety are very closely linked and often result from traumatic events or genetics. As depressive symptoms improve, anxiety tends to as well. 

Anecdotal Evidence Supports CBD As Anxiety Treatment 

Some of the strongest evidence we have for CBD’s effectiveness for anxiety treatment comes from anecdotal research. Countless blog posts, social media comments, and case studies have shown that people with anxiety are loving CBD gummies and other products for improving their anxiety. 

One blogger stated that he has had anxiety all his life but stress factors have increased the problem in the last two years. He’s tried many different therapies and medications, but CBD was the most effective for him. Upon taking the proper dosage, he reported feeling almost immediate relief for his anxiety that he described as “like immersing myself in a hot bath.” That feeling of calm remained with him throughout the day. 

High-profile author and entrepreneur Jennifer Still also reported trying CBD for anxiety treatment with fantastic results. She said she felt more focused, got better sleep, and felt significantly less stressed. She stated that it wasn’t a cure-all, but it certainly helped her put things into perspective and take charge of her anxiety disorder rather than letting it take charge of her. 

These testimonials match those of many, many others who suffer from anxiety and need an effective treatment to get them through it. CBD has little to no side effects and has proven time and time again to help anxiety when taken in the right dosage. 

Finding High Quality CBD Gummies 

CBD products are sold in many different forms with some of the most popular being gummies that can be consumed at any time. There are also oil drops and tinctures as well as lotions and sprays that can be applied for physical and mental health benefits. 

When shopping for CBD, it’s essential that you carefully research the source. The industry is not FDA regulated, and while there are many quality CBD retailers out there, there are some that lie about the THC content in their products. They might also negligently skip having the levels tested. Purchasing products without research to verify their quality is not only dangerous, but it could also lead to violation of possession laws in your state.

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