Even during the recent growth in the new car sales market, there has remained a strong demand for high quality used vehicles. This is especially true online, where reputable brands such as Exchange and Mart have created a virtual marketplace where private used cars in excellent condition can be sold for less than their market value. This creates genuine financial savings, which in turn enable owners to embellish their vehicle and get the most out of it in terms of performance, functionality and visual appeal.

3 Innovative Motoring Applications that will enable you to get the Most from your Used Car

One affordable (and occasionally free) method of getting the most from your used car and optimising your driving experience is to download a series of innovative and purposeful mobile apps. The market for automotive applications is strong at present, with the following tools providing a relevant case in point:

1. AccuFuel

Despite the recent oil crisis, fuel prices have actively dipped in the U.S. and other parts of the Western World. They will continue to fluctuate in the long-term, however, leaving motorists often scratching their hard as their head as they attempt to calculate their precise fuel economy between individual visits to the pump. This is where the AccuFuel app comes into play, as offers an easily accessible log of your vehicle’s exact fuel mileage each time that the tank is filled. As a cost-conscious driver, you can simply log your mileage when you first refuel your vehicle and let the app do the necessary calculations when you next find yourself running on empty. Over time, you may be able to reduce fuel costs and become a more efficient driver.

2. RepairPal

Car repair pricing can be extremely contentious, and it is extremely difficult for the typical motorist to accurate estimate the cost of planned or unscheduled maintenance. The innovative and purposeful RepairPal app can help to resolve this issue, however, as it uses data to estimate the cost of a specific job in relation to individual car models. This will enable you to shop around with confidence and negotiate directly with service providers, while the app can also be used to connect you with a local mechanic and roadside assistance operators should the need arise. This app is compatible with all models manufactured after 1990 and offers genuine peace of mind to motorists.

3. Garage Buddy

A friendly and almost jovial sounding app, Garage Buddy is a multi-purpose toolkit that offers a comprehensive online service to motorists. Including everything from unit calculators and metric convertors to repair charts and direct assistance, Garage Buddy can help drivers overcome a range of challenges associated with the world of motoring. The app can even monitor your car’s mileage and determine its fuel economy, providing you with a fascinating insight into the vehicle’s performance over time. Also equipped with a unique and detailed installation guide, drivers will find this app particularly easy to navigate even if they consider themselves to be technologically challenged.


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