Instagram was created as a visual social media platform exclusively for sharing photos and videos, but it has evolved into much more over the past eight years.

Because of its visual nature, this social media channel allows you to reach out to a dynamic audience, but how do you do that? 

These are tried and true techniques to help you grow your Instagram account and engage with more people regardless of your purpose.

1. Regular Posts – Sharing regular posts is vital to growing your profile. Avoid posting too many images in a day, but one to three is acceptable and will be efficient enough to drive growth.

2. Consistent Content – People following your account do so because they want to see more of your images and/or videos. For instance, if you share images of dogs and cats, your audience wants to see a consistent, but not annoying flow of your images every day.

3. Share-Worthy Images – Pay attention to which images get shared most often. When you see tags like “@instagramuser, you’ve gotta see this picture”, your images are getting seen by potential followers.

4. Engage & Follow – Look for people who are interested in your niche by looking at your competition. See who is following them, follow them and get followers back. Look for active users who engage, respond, and add value. Your interaction must also add value. 

5. Current Events – Current events include news and trends. You need to stay on top of these things to take full advantage of any social media channel. Whatever is getting the most attention on a given day is trending. Trends like the selfie or #tbt (throw back Thursday) are fun, relevant, and extends your reach.

6. Hashtag Relevance – Hashtags put your post in a specific category that makes it easy to find when users are searching for related content. Three or four hashtags are plenty to garner engagement with potential followers. More than that looks spammy. Keep it relevant to your niche, which will target your posts. is a good place to find trending tags.

7. Beyond Phone Pictures – Your cellphone may be a quick and easy way to share pictures on Instagram, but to grow your following, higher-quality images taken from a DSLR camera usually get more attention. Don’t limit yourself.

8. Promote Your Instagram – Use a “Follow me on Instagram” button on your blog or website and cross-promote your content on other social media channels. 

9. Get Shares from Influencers – Instagram has influencer users that are popular, and they get a lot of active engagement. Getting your images featured on an influencer’s (or brand’s) profile/page can instantly add followers to your account. You can contact admins to get permission to share your photos. 

10. Exclusive Content – Provide exclusive content that your followers have access to before you put it on your website or blog. Behind-the-scenes images, pictures of your workspace, pictures of your team members, and other such content builds a personal relationship with your followers. They become more engaged and they tend to share your content more.

11. Automation – This should be your last port of call. Only when you have exhausted the 10 tips above, you should resort to automating your account. Spire has lots of tips for Instagram automation.

Instagram may be a bit time-consuming, but it you set aside an hour a day to do these things, you will see growth. The amount of growth depends on your content and your strategy.