Once you’ve finished designing and developing your game, you will want to get the word out there about its potential for rocking the gaming world. More than simply marketing your brand, it is important to consider strategies that will get your game noticed by potential investors.

Maximizing your visibility and setting yourself apart from the competition means doing more than just having an exemplary product and an exciting backstory. Gleaning investors and drawing them in to support your startup will mean investing time, effort, and energy in a self-promotion strategy. Here are a few ideas.

Ask questions on target investors’ social media pages and personal blogs. Cold tweeting, commenting, or emailing every managing partner in an investment firm is not advisable. It is likely that you will come across as desperate or annoying, and you will find it probably not get you far. Instead, start by following them on their social media pages or their personal investor blogs, and look for ways to engage in natural conversation. The objective is not to pitch to them, but find an area where you have a genuine interest and maybe even expertise, and begin a dialogue that will evolve over time. Getting an investor’s attention may be easier than you think if discourse makes sense for the both of you. 

Develop your own social media pages and personal blog. Initiating and maintaining a sophisticated social media presence is key to getting noticed by potential investors.  Using social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as tools to broadcast your ideas, making it easier for developers to find you.  Investors are known for being cognizant of innovative ideas and for searching and scanning social media platforms where gamers engage, so don’t hesitate to use your personal and business accounts to reach other gamers as well. Using a blog as a content curation tool will give you another place to naturally develop connections. 

Use hashtags to help investors find you. An important aspect of effective social media use is developing a hashtag that will make it expedient for prospective investors to find you and your brand. Be sure that information you post on your sites is a natural fit in your industry so that it is not simply a walking billboard of self-promotion. Remember that different social media sites have rules and strategies that make the hashtag use more effective on their platforms. Choose gaming hashtags that are a natural fit for your particular game idea.

Get help or advice when navigating deals. When you need guidance in navigating your company’s decisions, it is wise to consult with other successful entrepreneurs and venture capitalists. This will allow you not only to access their range of advice but will also provide you with a unique perspective to make the right decisions for the future of your gaming brand. Talking with successful company founders like Thomas Zaccagnino of Muirfield Partners LLC will help you understand options such as offering cryptocurrencies as investment opportunities and decide if potential acquisitions, strategic partnership deals, or traditional investments are best for you and the future of your gaming brand.

Build a professional website. A social media website is an important start, but for gamers who are serious about getting investors to bankroll their idea, it’s important to develop a professional site where potential investors can go to get more information. Understanding who you are, what your game is about, and the backstory to how you started developing your idea is critical in letting investors have access to information they will need to know to decide whether or not to take a leap of faith with you. Your site should be responsive and have a professional aesthetic and exemplary functionality, and you may want to share interesting and relevant content from some of the best gaming websites available.

Hire a professional photographer or videographer. Because graphics are a critical part of “selling” your idea to an investor, spending the money to illustrate the special qualities and unique aspects of your game can set you apart from the competition. Look for photographers or videographers that have appealing images will catch the eye of interested investors and will stand in the gap between what you can explain in verbiage and what they need to see when the game is running. If you can’t afford the expenditure at this juncture, take an online videography course that will help you get the necessary graphics for your professional website.

What are some suggestions you have for gamers who want to garner investors for their game, brand, or studio? Feel free to share here.

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