Sometimes you just want to party Middle Earth style. But whereas most Lord of the Rings party planners are content to just write out their dinner menu in Elvish, or require that everyone where hoods and capes, you want to make your LOTR party a cut above. Halloween is coming up, which is the perfect excuse for a Middle Earth party, but in truth you could throw this kind of party any time of year. All you need are some willing friends, a small budget and some planning ahead. Let’s take a look at a few of the themed activities that are going to put your party over the edge. 

What About Second Breakfast?

What about it? Start your epic Lord of the Rings party at your house with a “second breakfast”, laid out in true Hobbit fashion – that is to say, plentiful! Regardless of the time of day, go for traditional breakfast foods: rashers of bacon, eggs, toast and scones, all served with an ample array of jams, preserves and condiments. You may think it’s excessive, but that’s because you aren’t thinking like a Hobbit! And besides, you are going to need a solid meal in you, because there will be some physical activity later on. 

Fireworks, Gandalf!

Depending on your region’s laws surrounding fireworks, the next activity on the docket should be a firework show worthy of the Grey Wizard himself. Remember to follow all safety precautions, as per the label, and have everyone in the group stand a safe distance back. This may be a Lord of the Rings party, but you still have to follow normal human rules, unfortunately. If your area doesn’t permit fireworks, sparklers will do the trick, or you can skip this step. 

And My Axe!

After the fireworks have died down and been safely extinguished, it’s time for some dwarf Olympics. In an event that would make Gimli, son of Glóin very proud, you are going to put on an axe throwing competition with your friends. All you have to do is book ahead at the Backyard Axe Throwing League (BATL, for short), who should have a facility near you (they are all over North America – erm, Middle Earth – these days). For the price of admission, you and your party get a lesson in axe throwing from an expert, with lots of opportunities to try and hit the wooden target, before competing in a tournament to see who is the supreme shot. Bonus points if you can celebrate in Khuzdul. 


You may call it “going to a bar for a couple drinks”, but really what you should call it is Elevenses. After working up a small sweat throwing your axes, it’s time for yet another Hobbit-y break, this time with a drink of your choice. Be it a flagon of ale or a cup of tea, it should be accompanied with some small snacks as well. 

The Journey To Mordor

You can’t literally walk to Mordor, but you can do the next best thing and break out the Lord of the Rings board game, which has its players enact the perilous journey to Sauron’s realm. After all the eating, firework-ing and axe throwing, a board game is the perfect denouement to a great LOTR party. The game takes around an hour to an hour and a half, and accommodates two to five players, so make sure you budget your time accordingly and buy (or rent) multiple games if necessary. 

There And Back Again

At the end of it all, provided that your guests aren’t too tired from a day of activities, invite them over for one last meal – but this time, in the true spirit of relaxation, order in. Sure, they probably don’t have pizza in Middle Earth, but there is no way of really knowing. The long journey has ended, so you can kick up your feet and relax, maybe plan to do the same thing next year. 

There are plenty more ideas out there for a LOTR themed party, but these are the best. With a good mix of indoors and outdoors, relaxation and excitement, you can put together a Lord of the Rings party that will rule them all.

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