With the upcoming release of the Apple Watch, style-conscious men all over the globe are on the lookout for ways to implement this classic piece into their personal style. And while some men feel that the watch can aptly be worn as a standalone piece, others feel that true integration into their own particular appearance will require some added accessorizing. So, for those who are interested in taking a classic piece and enhancing it in order to give it a personal spin, here are some suggestions for ways to accent your new Apple Watch.

Matching Watch Style to Personal Style

In order for your Apple Watch to reflect your unique personality, you have to start with a solid foundation. According to Hope King, a contributor for CNN Money, there are many different options for color and style of the Apple Watch in and of itself. The first step to getting the right watch for you is to choose the style that best corresponds with your life. You can pick from the Apple Watch Edition, the Apple Watch Sport or the classic Apple Watch. Each of these options comes with two additional color options, ranging from black stainless steel to rose gold. You’ll also need to decide between the two sizes—1.5 inch height or 1.7 inch height. Finally, the last choice will be the style of wristband. With six options, you’re sure to find one that can truly bring your personal style into accordance with your Apple Watch.

Accessorizing with Other Jewelry

Once you have the watch designed to perfection, it’s time to add other accessories in order to fully style to your new look. Accessory options include rings, cufflinks, and other fun items. Jake Woolf of GQ reports that Pharrell Williams, who has already been seen wearing the Apple Watch prior to its release date, has been accessorizing his Apple Watch with various colored and textured bracelets, creating a style harmonious with his one-of-a-kind look. To pair your Apple Watch with the perfect men’s accessories or adornments, keep your eye out for pieces that will fit into your collection.

Select the Perfect Protection

The Apple Watch is a big investment—an investment that you’re going to want to protect. For this reason, consider purchasing some form of physical protection for your new gadget that’ll also complement your personal style. 

Simon Hill of DigitalTrends.com suggests using a Dwiss Cover Candy case, an ActionProof Apple Watch Bumper, or an X-Doria Defense Edge. All of these options for protection come in different colors and styles, as well as being easy to use with your Apple Watch; something that can’t be said for all cases and covers available for other devices. An option for protection like the ones mentioned above could also help to make your Apple Watch more specific to you, setting your style apart from the rest of the new Apple Watch owners. 

The Apple Watch is much anticipated by fashion-forward and tech-savvy throughout the world. This could be a great way for you to step up your style game for the upcoming summer season, and showcase your exclusive take on a classic accessory staple prepared for the modern age.

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