This year, of course we have heard lots of issues about the upcoming or new Apple iPhone which is known as Apple iPhone 8 or many people also often called it as the iPhone X. It is something good for us to find out some information related to that new upcoming phone. Surely, Apple iPhone is always the interesting smart phone product among the people. That offers a lot of feature, technology, and design which can be really satisfying. There are so many ideas of the features and also details regarding to this upcoming smart phone. The product from Apple is always grabbing the people attention. That is not only for the products which have been exist but also about the products which are planned to be released or not released yet. It is including about the product of the iPhone 8 which has been around in various sites of technology and gadget in some various issues. Surely, you may also be one of the people who have been waiting for the information about this gadget. You do not need to be worried because there are so many other people who have the same feeling or who are also interested in this product.

That is why getting some information about it as the part of the Tech update is such a good idea for you. There are so many sources where we can get such the information about the gadget or the smart phone. Below, we are also going to talk about this gadget and hopefully you have got such a bit overview about this smart phone and get some references as well in knowing how the smart phone will be. However, you need to be still patient in waiting for this kind of gadget but of course almost all of us are agree that the iPhone 8 is a worth to wait gadget since iPhone is never failed. 

Apple iPhone 8 Overview

Perhaps you have got some information related to this upcoming Apple iPhone. There are so many sources including the online sources as like the technology and even business blog provides some information related to this gadget. Surely, there are so many people especially who becomes the lovers of this brand have been waiting for a long time waiting for the iPhone 8 to be released in this year. Even though there is no official info yet related to when it will be released, but there are already some info which come around the fans of Apple iPhone. That is including about the gadget and also about when it will come out to the market. 

Apple iPhone 8 Specifications and Design

Even though we have not known yet about when it will be released, there are already some issues related to the specs of the Apple iPhone 8. Some sources stated that this Apple iPhone will use the OLED display screen for this new iPhone. Of course it will make this smart phone having the better saving power compared to its predecessors. It will also offer the colour gamout which is widening and also the dynamic range which is much better. It is also stated that they have three sizes for the displays of this new upcoming Apple iPhone. They are the 5.8”, 5.5”, and also 4.7”. That is also stated that this iPhone will come with the thinner body and also with such the smaller bezel which makes this phone has the modern yet limitless look. Some sources also stated that this upcoming new iPhone is going to run on the newer type of SoC. Still, there is no official yet about what it is exactly. It is also stated that this Apple iPhone is going to have the dual vertical rear cameras as the main camera with the resolution of about 12 megapixels and also the front camera in 7 megapixels. It will run on the Apple A11 chipset. Those are the main specs which are predicted to be the features of the Apple iPhone 8. 

When Does the Apple iPhone 8 come out?

Getting to know about the release date of the Apple iPhone 8 is of course really interesting. However, there is no official information from Apple about the release of this new upcoming smart phone. However, based on the analysis, it is stated that this phone is predicted to come out at the market about September to about October this year. However, most of the sources said that it will be around September of this year. Just wait and see when the Apple iPhone 8 will be available at the market.

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