Gamification is an excellent way to get new and old followers alike to engage with your business. Everyone who uses social media sees a consistent stream of content on their feeds, but not all of this content encourages interaction. Tasks can capture people’s attention as well—if not better—as text and visuals.

You may not have the budget to create elaborate online games and mobile apps, though, and that’s okay. Gamifying your marketing campaign does not always require you to produce something “new,” it’s simply about fostering engagement with your social media followers in a new way. Here are some ways you can gamify your marketing efforts on a budget.

Why use gamification?

First, let’s address why gamification works. Gamification adds an element of fun to your marketing campaign: instead of hoping that people find your content intriguing enough to do business with you, you give consumers a reason to be invested in your product. For instance, Dominos added a feature to their mobile ordering app that lets customers shake their phones for a random pizza if they did not know what they wanted. There is no shortage of pizza joints out there, but Domino's gave people a simple yet enjoyable way to avoid decision-making.

Some forms of gamification also create competition. When people engage in friendly competition, they form a community around the game itself. Putting your brand at the center of one can help cement loyalty to you. If you offer rewards in exchange for participation, people are also happy to accept discounts and privileges they feel like they have earned.

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You’ve scrolled through the photos. You’ve checked the hashtags. You’ve followed exciting people. Now it’s your turn: if you are jumping into the travel game, you probably want to have a shot at curating a top-quality Instagram account like your favorite influencers. Instagram is almost like a game in itself, though, and the rules are often changing. How are you supposed to gain followers and likes amidst a saturated #travelgram landscape? Before you can devise a coherent strategy, it’s necessary to address the mistakes you’re making. 

You’re doing it for the wrong reasons

Why do you want to broadcast your travels to the internet, other than showing off how cool the world is? Google exists, so it’s not like people do not know what the Sphinx or the Taj Mahal look like. To many people, Instagram is all about the numbers: likes, followers, comments, story views, and more. It’s okay to admit that those numbers are validating, but approaching your Instagram strategy this way is not going to be particularly effective. Travel blogger Christina from Happy to Wander notes:

“So, if you’re guilty of thinking Instagram is just a numbers game, here’s what you do to fix it: write down your Instagram purpose. If it’s traffic, you’re better off spending time elsewhere. If it’s relationship building, you should be working on making friends and engaging in meaningful interactions. If it’s branding, you should focus foremost on gorgeous content and killer captions, etc.” 

The reason (or reasons) behind your Instagram account will affect how you tackle the platform. If you are doing it for the wrong reasons, you are going to have a difficult time establishing a brand and attracting followers. 

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If you are an up-and-coming musician, you are probably well aware of the struggle to get noticed. You might have incredible music, a close support group, and a go-get-em’ attitude, but what do all of these successful bands and solo performers seem to have that you do not? Marketing. People cannot learn to love you if news of you never reaches them. You may not have the budget to hire a PR team, but there are a few ways you can promote your music through useful networks people use every day: social media.

Target your niche

The first thing you should do when launching a marketing campaign is to decide what audience you will address. You will spread yourself too thin if you attempt to appeal to everyone. Instead of wasting your efforts trying to convince the wrong crowd that your music is worth listening to (and not just listening, purchasing), focus your attention on people that are more likely to find you interesting.

Build a community

Once you have identified what kind of person you will focus on, try to build a community. Marketing obviously results in sales, but can you name what else it gives successful musicians? Fanbases. Regardless of size, devoted followers and advocates give your brand legitimacy, and legitimacy will help you grow. Talk to your social media followers, respond to comments, answer questions, give out free stuff—you are asking to be seen, so to win people’s loyalty, let them know that you see them as well.

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Whether you are a designer, marketer, or hobbyist, social media is an excellent place to share interior design images and expertise. Pinterest is particularly well known for inspiring users what to do next in their living spaces. Instagram, however, is also popular; due to its photo-heavy nature and the potential to reach hundreds of millions of people, Instagram is a useful platform for anyone in the interior design space. Managing a top-notch Instagram account requires some careful thought and work, so here are a few tips for expanding your account’s reach and making it the best that it can be. 

Decide on your purpose

Before you dive into curating your account, determine what your reasons for doing so are. Are interior design and decorating (yes, there is a difference) passions that you simply like to share with the world? If so, then the way you approach social media will be slightly different than someone who is trying to sell products or services. 

Are you a designer trying to market your business? In this case, it’s wise to set up a business Instagram. With this kind of channel, you have privileges standard accounts do not: you can add links to stories, add a contact button, sell products directly through the platform, and your industry will show up on your profile. You will also have access to a wealth of valuable analytics and the ability to advertise via “promoted” posts. 

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