Getting started with your own blog is easy nowadays. In fact, if you’re using the right resources, it can take less than an hour. 

But gaining traction, and visitors, for that blog is where the real work begins. 

If you’re wondering why your blog isn’t gaining the traction you want, you’ve come to the right place. 

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why your blog isn’t performing and show you how you can fix it. 

#1 - Because It Isn’t Targeted Enough

One of the biggest issues that new bloggers run into is that they are far too general in their approach. 

While this gives you an opportunity to speak to a higher number of readers, it makes it extremely difficult to truly connect with them.

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Data loss is a significant and costly issue for businesses and individuals alike. According to a study conducted by Pepperdine University in 2003, the last year for which comprehensive statistics on data loss are available, there were over 76 million computers in use, and data loss cost businesses over $18 billion dollars a year. Today, it has been estimated that the number of computers in use has rapidly grown to over 2 billion worldwide, so the cost of data loss to businesses has likely increased to staggering proportions.

Data loss is not only expensive for businesses, data loss is often equally devastating to individual users as well. Whether the data loss is caused by malware and other viruses, or even actual hard drive failure, folks that suffer a data loss can end up losing access to important images such as family photographs, as well as other files that contain links to important documents and other information that support their ability to work and live. 

Leading Causes of Data Loss

According to the Pepperdine report above, there are five main causes of data loss for computer users: hardware failure, hardware destruction, computer viruses, corruption of software code and actual theft. 

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Google is the world’s largest and most popular search engine. In fact, it is now a central hub for online marketing, social media, mobile advertising and other essential SEO tools. With its domination across several platforms and verticals, Google has reshaped the way businesses communicate with customers. This is particularly true when a business is marketing their products and services, which is vital to brand awareness and credibility. 

With this in mind, Google’s recent algorithm updates demand the following from all businesses:

  • High quality, industry specific, relevant website and blog content for readers and visitors.
  • All blogs and websites must be optimized for mobile viewing. This enables pages to be accessible via wireless, remote and digital devices.

Social Media Impact

While algorithm changes have helped businesses secure higher page rankings and visibility, there are drawbacks when it comes to social media. Some platforms use algorithms that favor advertisers, helping them gain followers and revenue via “likes”. Does this not take away from the human element of social media? Many experts believe it does and they are recommending ways to help users control the content they see each day.

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GadgetsApple mobile devicessuch as iPhone and iPad do not include any app that let you record the screen. Therefore, if you want to record the screen of your iPhone, you need to get a third party screen recorder software. One of the third party screen recorder software that can be used for recording mobile device’s screen is Movavi Screen Capture Studio.

Movavi Screen Capture Studio can also be used to record the screen of your computer monitor. Movavi Screen Capture Studio is not an app that you can download onto your mobile phone so you have to launch it from your desktop computer. 

The first step is to get ready the software and make sure it is launched on your PC computer. Next, you must connect the iPhone to your PC with a USB cable. You can use Movavi screen recorder for iOS to record all kinds of activities that you carry out on your iPhone. It is a great software for recording demonstrations on the features of a mobile app for your customers. You can record your gameplay of a mobile game on your phone and directly upload it to a video sharing site.

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