German author Marc Sporn apparently wrote the book on consulting. When you take a look at what this book has to say – it is entirely written in German with no English translation – you can get a good idea of how Marc Sporn has helped countless consultants get ahead with their careers. Consulting comes down to an art form, as Sporn explains, one that is a naturally found talent, as opposed to something that comes with time. 

Traits of a Consultant

So what are the traits of a consultant? As Sporn explains, there are three very prominent traits, with the first one being the most imperative: listening.

When consulting on any subject matter, the first step is to listen. Then the next step is to mentally assess. Finally, the third step is two-fold: strategize and advise. If you take a look at some of the most successful consulting firms in the world, this is the same exact methodology that they follow. 

Why People Use Consultants

Of course, consultants need to be experts in the field that they are advising. This opens up a lot of positions for various consultants, many of which come from professional backgrounds in their chosen field. For instance, an ecommerce expert could enter the world of consulting for large online stores following a successful exit strategy that demonstrates that their prowess has helped a brand or product line grow measurably. 

How Much Money Do Consultants Make?

Consultants actually are very well paid, with many earning far more income that prestigious doctors do. The primary reason why is that consultants are hired for their expertise and knowledge in a revenue growing area. When their skillset is applied, revenue increases and the company retains more value and gets a larger return on investment. But, as Sporn advises in his book, it’s a rarity for most people to ever get to experience this unique job.