Technology has been one of the greatest factors and responsible for so many changes that happened, and are happening to the world we live in today. With all the inventions and discoveries these days, everything just seems to be easier, faster and like what they all say, possible. In fact, things are getting lighter and more convenient for most people.

One of the innovations that has a big impact on everyone is the invention of tablets. Since the creation of this type of gadget, many were hooked and started using it. Instead of using smartphones or computers to surf the Internet, read electronic books, or communicate with your loved ones, many chose to use tablets. It is a bigger version of your smartphone, which enables you to browse everything on the Internet more conveniently.

Hence, there are two types of tablet that are surfacing online today – Microsoft's Surface Pro 4 and Apple's iPad Pro. These two innovative tablets offer top-notch features and specifications that really standout and appeal to people. They have both large screens and powerful hardware.

The Surface Pro 4 is powered by Windows 10, a full desktop operating system. It provides various RAM options, from 4GB to 16GB, as well as sports a 12.3-inch 267 PPI display. Also, this latest hybrid device from Microsoft does not disappoint anyone because it can be customized from 256GB up to 1TB. You can even choose a processor from Core M3 to i7. You can learn more about the Microsoft Surface 4 at Harvey Norman.

On the other hand, the iPad Pro runs on iOS 9 processor. It is powered like a smartphone and loaded with tons of applications, which you can optimize. A 12.9-inch 264 PPI screen and LTE option are two of its most notable features. Additionally, it offers 32GB and 128GB storage spaces. You can never go wrong with this device for it has absolutely a great display.

In case you are torn between these two groundbreaking tablets, you have to make sure what you're really looking for. You need to determine the purpose why you are purchasing this particular tablet. Whether it is for more media consumption or to store files and applications like with desktop, both are a great choice. It just depends on how you would like a tablet work for you.

Furthermore, you  have to consider the price as well. The affordability of the tablet also matters in choosing the ideal tablet for you. Always bear in mind that whatever you buy must be worth the price and it does not matter if it costs a little more if it's quality.

All in all, Microsoft and Apple are edge to edge in selling and marketing the Surface Pro 4 and iPad Pro. It is good to know that both offer advanced features and specifications that help the consumers become more productive with whatever they ought to do with their tablets. These hybrid machines actually help you to work faster and more comfortably. It is up to you on how you will turn them as tools to aid you in maximizing your time and effort.

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