3 Amazingly Simple Ways To End Procrastination

Procrastination is the enemy of productivity. Thankfully, there are a few simple rules you can follow in order to make yourself take action and keep taking action. You can find this great article on why you should not procrastinate. With the right state of mind, planning, time management, and the power of habit, you can train yourself to achieve more. 

Adopt a mentality that focuses on positive outcomes

Most people procrastinate because of fear of failure. They are afraid something won’t go well and sabotage its success by not doing anything. After all, they knew it wouldn’t work anyway. Act and plan as if you will not fail. Of course, things don’t always go according to plan, but that shouldn’t change the way you act. You should always act as if your project or work is an impending success. Become emotionally attached to positive images of the favored outcome. A person will typically act on something immediately if the emotion evoked is strong enough. For example, for entrepreneurs, the emotional attachment to unlimited financial freedom is greater than employment. This emotion gives them the strength to take risks and take action where others may be too afraid. Whatever you focus on in your mind grows. End procrastination by forming a strong bond with positive outcomes.

Respect the power of habit

When the reason behind why you are doing something is clear in your mind, you’re more likely to take action. Know that once you do get started, it makes it easier to complete the task again. It’s not as difficult to run for 5 minutes one morning if you’ve been running for 20 minutes all week. The chains of habit are strong. Make that human characteristic work in your favor. Habits will help keep you on task when it comes to a large, complex goal you’re working on accomplishing. However, don’t let your habits keep you comfortable. Too much comfort will make you procrastinate. Make a point to be 1 percent better than you were yesterday or complete one additional task. Improving by one percent or more each day has a compounding effect over time, leading to exponential growth. Growth that wouldn’t happen if you were procrastinating.

Manage your time well

Procrastination often happens due to a lack of planning and sticking to the plan. Success comes to those who plan ahead. You’re far more likely to take action if you have already decided what you’re going to do. Spend your time on the most important single task, not multiple tasks. It may seem wise to multi-task, but your human mind can truly only give 100 percent of focus towards one task at a time. Doing two tasks at once is going to make you less effective and the tasks will not get completed as well.

The two minute rule

Have you ever procrastinated to do a task that would take two minutes or less to complete? These short tasks are a great starting point to procrastinating less. If you can get it done it two minutes, do it right then. Simply get your two minute tasks done repeatedly. Send that email, put the clothes in the laundry, make the phone call, do whatever that two minute task is in your life. The two minute rule can expand into other areas of your life. Obviously, some goals are going to take much longer than two minutes. The point of the rule is to make you get started.

Procrastination can be discouraging. Instead of mentally reviewing everything you could have done, take action. What is a productive task you can complete in two minutes? You can also read this article on how to increase your productivity. Do that task, rinse, and repeat. Get yourself to keep taking action and plan the day before to do the most important and difficult task first.

You can monitor how much procrastinating is happening by making your workers use an online time tracker. This will give you a good idea where people are spending their time. Great business tool!