Google is the world’s largest and most popular search engine. In fact, it is now a central hub for online marketing, social media, mobile advertising and other essential SEO tools. With its domination across several platforms and verticals, Google has reshaped the way businesses communicate with customers. This is particularly true when a business is marketing their products and services, which is vital to brand awareness and credibility. 

With this in mind, Google’s recent algorithm updates demand the following from all businesses:

  • High quality, industry specific, relevant website and blog content for readers and visitors.
  • All blogs and websites must be optimized for mobile viewing. This enables pages to be accessible via wireless, remote and digital devices.

Social Media Impact

While algorithm changes have helped businesses secure higher page rankings and visibility, there are drawbacks when it comes to social media. Some platforms use algorithms that favor advertisers, helping them gain followers and revenue via “likes”. Does this not take away from the human element of social media? Many experts believe it does and they are recommending ways to help users control the content they see each day.

Ensuring Positive User Experiences

Social media users know what they like better than advertisers. In fact, these advertisers use social search trends and algorithms to display content they assume you are interested in. This is a form of online control and takes away from the positive experiences users should have when interacting with others on social media platforms.

Companies like – Control Your Experience are restoring user freedom across social media networks. In fact, they – and other companies – strongly believe in the original spirit of social media, which includes:

  • Independence to control your own experiences based on diverse interests.
  • Control which content you want to see on a daily basis – no more mysterious ad-driven content on behalf of third parties.
  • Restoring positive and uplifting content that is specific to your personal needs, aspirations, and demands.
  • Implementing your personal preferences across all your social media pages, groups, platforms, networks, and more.

Take Social Media Back

If you are tired of having your content controlled in social media, there are avenues available for taking your freedom back. It simply requires a little legwork and research to connect with companies that value your interests over advertisers.