Too many people think SEO is complicated. Instead of having a go, they outsource their SEO to an agency and don’t pay any attention to what happens next. There is nothing wrong with outsourcing your SEO – and if you run a big company, it’s actually not a bad idea to hire an SEO company Sydney, but if you have no money left for SEO, here are some simple hacks you can try today.

Keyword Research

When was the last time you actually thought about keywords? Keywords are easy to overlook, but they still matter in today’s SEO world. Search engines use keywords to figure out what your website is all about. It’s hard to generate traffic from competitive keywords because you are fighting a lot of competition. It’s also pointless selecting keywords that have low competition, but nobody searches for. 

Select a few main keywords and make sure they appear in your website content. Use long tail key phrases to target a more select audience. Try to include your keyword in the page title.

Create Beneficial Content

Content matters. Poor content is a huge turn off for readers, and since the Panda update, search engines, too. You can’t afford to make do with badly written, irrelevant content. Readers like helpful content that benefits them in some way. How-to guides are always useful, as are engaging posts that offer something new the reader maybe hasn’t read before. Always ask yourself: does my content offer value? If the answer is “no”, take it back to the drawing board and start again.

Rework Existing Content

You don’t always need to start from scratch. Take a look at your existing website content. I bet, like most people, you have some pages that are out of date or no longer relevant. If so, give them a refresh. Make a habit of rewriting pages from time to time. Fresh content is the best way to encourage search engine spiders to crawl your pages. 

Use Alt Text in Your Images

Do you have lots of images on your web pages? If not, you should, as readers love images. However, search engines can’t ‘read’ images unless you use Alt Text. Give your images keyword-rich Alt Text, and you will keep Google happy. 

Write Meta Descriptions

META data and META descriptions are very important, so spend a bit of time writing yours. The META description is what people see when your website appears in the search page. It tells them what the pages is about and helps them decide whether or not to click on the link. Lots of people think META titles and descriptions doesn’t matter, but they really do, so make yours count.  

Use Social Media

Make sure you have social share buttons on every page. You should also share your content on social media whenever you write a new blog post or add an extra page to your website. 

Try some or all of the SEO tips above and you will see results in no time at all.

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