If you’re a man and you’re invited to a wedding at any time of year, it can be tough to know what to wear. Men tend to be unsure of the colors, tie style, shoes and general look they should go for. 

In the summer, it can get even tougher because there are issues of practicality to think about. For example, if you wore your traditional wool suit you’d likely sweat profusely. At the same time, you might not want to be too casual or look underdressed without a suit or a jacket.

If you’re invited to a summer wedding, the following are some standard fashion tips to keep in mind. These tips work well not just for weddings, but events that might be held in the warmer months. 

Choose the Right Fabrics

Regardless of the style of suit or outfit you’re wearing to a summer wedding, make sure you choose materials appropriately. Linen and cotton are two of the best options because they’re lightweight and breathable. If you want to spend money on one good summer suit, make it an option like beige linen or cotton. You can dress that kind of suit up or down depending on your needs, and also wear it to work. 

You more than likely won’t want to go with a double-breasted suit for summer, because according to traditional style rules, you would want to keep this buttoned the whole time, and that can get extremely hot and uncomfortable, particularly during the reception. 

If you choose a suit with a blazer that you love, you’ll also be able to wear it with other outfits throughout the spring and summer. 

As a side note, if you do go with something in linen, try to find a wrinkle-free option. 

White Shirts

You can of course experiment with colors a bit in the summer, but if you want a look that’s classic and is going to keep you coolest, you might opt for a tailored white shirt. If you want to add color to an overall simple color palette, think about doing it in the form of your accessories. For example, have as part of your wardrobe a collection of unique bowties and ties that you can use to change the feel of your summer wardrobe. 

Pocket Accessories

When you’re dressing for a summer wedding, and you’re going with a simple, light color palette, you might want to add some color in the form of a pocket square or even something like a floral tie pin. Choose a nice vibrant color, and your outfit will still look sophisticated, but fun at the same time. 


Finally, a summer wedding is the optimal time to showcase a great pair of sunglasses. Let your sunglasses be part of your outfit, and choose a pair that makes a statement. 

When you’re a man dressing for a wedding or big event, regardless of season, you want your look to feel timeless but also unique. You want to stand out not because you’re wearing crazy colors or an ill-fitting suit, but because you’re pulled together, seasonally appropriate, and your clothes fit well.