There has been in increase in the number of car accident claims files every year. The law provides that persons injured in car accidents as a result of negligence can file for compensation for injuries and damages. The compensation can be determined in a settlement with the party at fault or through court. Personal injury cases are mainly circumstantial, as such there is a great need to safeguard your rights. These are several measures you can take to increase your chances of a fair settlement amount on your injuries. Learn about your legal rights and how to safeguard them.

Document the Accident Scene

An accident can be traumatic and chaotic. Your first course of action should be to seek medical attention, however, if the injuries are not too serious you can document the scene of the accident. Try and recall moments leading to the accident and take notes. This can be key to winning your claim.

In addition to this, talk to witnesses at the scene. Ensure that you get information about the accident and what they saw. Ask them to make written or verbal statements detailing the accident. Your claim will be stronger if you get corroborating information from key witnesses. Your personal recollection may not weigh much because the other party can argue that you were not in the right frame of mind.

It is also important that you call the traffic police on the scene as soon as possible. The involvement of the police can add credibility to your claims. In addition to this, a police report will also carry more weight, especially when dealing with insurance adjusters. The police report also indicates who at fault and this can significantly favor your claims. The police can also be called upon to testify. Insurance adjusters will generally shy off from heavily contesting an accident where the police report indicates that they are liable for the injuries or damages.

Photographic or video evidence is also admissible in auto accident claims. Ensure that you reference the time in which the photograph or video was taken. Take pictures of the damage to your car and the other car. You can also ask a witness to take pictures of the injuries you sustained. Lookout for other contributing factors to the accident such as a broken or missing traffic light. In some cases, there can be more than one party liable for the accident. The other driver may be partly at fault. Even when you are partly at fault, you can still make a claim.

Seek Medical Attention and Follow Doctor’s Instructions

It is difficult to claim that you suffered severe injuries if you do not seek immediate medical attention. Treatment records, doctor’s notes, and medical bills serve as evidence in accident claims. Ensure that you have these documented including any medical tests. Medical evidence is your best bet in securing a settlement amount commensurate with your injuries.

It is also crucial that you follow your doctor’s instructions. For instance, do not report to work if the doctors says that you should take time to recover. In addition to this, limit outdoor activities. For instance, it is hard to make a claim for a hand or leg injury when you went golfing after an accident. You also need to be careful about what you post on social media. Any contradicting information or pictures to the claim injuries you are making can hurt your claim. You need to bear in mind that, when dealing with personal injury claims, perceptions can play a huge role.

Seek legal Assistance

Proving liability in an injury case can be complicated and taxing. To increase your chances of a fair settlement, it is wise to work with a personal injury lawyer.

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