We all want to travel more, but most of us are paralyzed by the sheer cost of visiting different places. Between airfare, accommodations, and food, the total for even a short trip quickly adds up. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be outrageously expensive, as long as you’re willing to be savvy with what you do and how you spend money.

Give These 4 Tips a Try

Affordable travel isn’t a myth – and you don’t have to go hungry either. There are ways to have an enjoyable time traveling the world without spending thousands of dollars on every trip. The key is to keep the following tips in mind:

1. Be Willing to Leave at a Moment’s Notice

Most travelers are planners, meaning they book flights months ahead of time and get all of the major details squared away in advance. And while this is certainly the smartest way to travel, it sometimes pays to be a little less diplomatic.

While less common now than a few years back, some airlines still offer last minute flight deals when they have open seats. If you’re willing and able to get up and leave with very little notice, then you may be able to occasionally score some steeply discounted tickets. Signing up for Skyscanner Price Alerts is one method of staying abreast of flash sales.

2. Enjoy Free Activities

Avoid tourist traps at all costs. In most cities, the most expensive attractions are the ones that locals would tell you to stay away from. Ironically, you’re much more likely to get a genuine feel for the city you’re visiting by taking advantage of free activities and opportunities.

For example, instead of paying for a lousy bus tour in London, try taking a free walking tour. You’ll see the same highlights, but you’ll get a better feel for the city and won’t have to shell out any money.

3. Stay at Hostels

If you’ve never stayed at a hostel, you’re missing out. You also probably have a bad impression of them. You assume they’re just nasty, hole in the wall places where you have to share a room with a bunch of strangers. While there are some of these, good hostels are actually much more like nice hotels.

These days, you can get your own private room and bathroom in a nice hostel in a safe part of town and pay just a fraction of what it costs to stay a hotel down the street. When you consider that lodging is often the most expensive part of traveling, this can slash your expenses rather dramatically.

4. Eat Breakfast on the Go

Eating three meals a day while traveling can be expensive. Even if you’re eating in cheap little cafes and diners, you can easily spend $40 or $50 per day. In order to cut your costs a little without limiting your ability to enjoy local cuisine, consider eating breakfast on the go. The first day you arrive, go to a local convenience store or supermarket and buy some granola bars or a box of cereal. For just a few dollars, this can be your breakfast for the entire week.

5. Travel The World Affordably

Travel doesn’t have to be outrageously expensive. While you won’t be able to fly first-class or stay in five-star, penthouse suites on your budget, you can still experience other cultures and make memories without emptying your savings account. In some ways, traveling on a budget is even more fun and entertaining. You’ll find yourself interacting with the city in an authentic, less commercialized manner. And that’s a good thing!

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