So you are looking to hit it big in the self-storage business. That is great news but just like any other business, there are hundreds of things you must consider if you want your business venture to go well and you’re not sitting out with a huge, empty storage unit with which you can do absolutely nothing since you do not have what all the clients are looking for. Well, chances are that you have considered all the essential details and are looking for anything you might have missed out. If that is the case, then we are here to help you by bringing for you four of the main considerations for building a self-storage unit.

Look up the Association

Whatever state and city you are planning to set your business up in, it probably has an association. These associations are to help organize all self-storage owners in a harmonious community and give them awareness about how things run in that area. For example, you could be looking up business for cheap self-storage in San Antonio, Phoenix, etc. This will also help you look up potential clients with reference to the association.

Consider the Space

Storage units are usually built over a large area. They span out horizontally on a larger area and vertically on a relatively smaller area so naturally you will have to consider the kind of space you have available in the area before you start building the storage unit. You will first have to check with the Association of the city to see what area they allow and what they can offer you.


Undoubtedly the most important point is that of feasibility: what you can afford and what you cannot. You need to know your potential clients and see to the fact that whatever rent comes from them covers the developmental costs and the maintenance costs and you do end up making a profit in the end. Include all the beneficial features like a climate controlled structure and take all the security measures you can because the features are what attract customers the most. Since it is mostly nonsensical to compromise on the features, you need to compromise on the size of the unit if your budget is limited. This is because even if you muster up enough money to pay the one-time cost of building a huge storage unit, remember that its maintenance will be a huge cost hanging on your shoulders. 


Lastly, we want you to make sure that you consider the kind of market which you are appealing to. As we mentioned before, build your storage unit making sure that the rent that comes from the customers is enough to cover however much you invested. For this purpose you will need to study and analyze people’s need for storage units in that particular city. This will help you make a unit that is great value for money and ensures customer satisfaction.

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