Ever feel like you’re in a total creative slump? Think you’re just not cut out to be a true “creative?” You’re not the only one.

After all, we’re taught that some people just have “it” when it comes to talent and creativity. Meanwhile we live in an era where it seems like everyone’s more prone to consuming content rather than creating it. As a result, the concept of becoming a creative is increasingly difficult for those who feel uninspired.

Despite popular belief, creativity can be learned to a certain extent. Rather than believe that a more creative lifestyle is totally behind your grasp, instead consider the day-to-day changes you can make to foster creativity in your own life. Keep in mind the following four tips to transform yourself and perhaps ignite that ever-so-important creative spark.

Start with “Total Immersion”

The more you can surround yourself with a sense of creativity, including art, music and literature, the better. Whether it means constantly listening to music players at home-or-on-the-go or soaking up audiobooks while going about chores around the house, anything you can do to surround yourself with quality creative content is a huge plus. Something as simple as hanging up more artworks or having books around the house can make a difference.

In short, it’s all about surrounding yourself with creativity.

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When you consume quality content instead of garbage, you ultimately feel more satisfied and stimulated. Reading traditional books may seem like a totally foreign concept if you’ve been out of school for a while and haven’t picked up a novel in years, but the benefits of regular reading are impossible to deny.

Bear in mind that just about any type of literature is fair game, too. It may in fact be a good idea to try out books that are outside of your traditional preference in an attempt to broaden your horizons.

Never read a self-help book? Have you traditionally avoided science fiction because you don’t “get it?” Again, opening yourself up to new ideas and information is key to becoming more creative.

Rethink Your Online Activity

Facebook and Twitter are huge time-wasters for society at large. Let’s be honest: we often use such sites as excuses to slack off and neglect more productive behavior, right? While you don’t necessarily need to unplug from the Internet altogether, be mindful of where you’re spending your time online and if that time would better be spent reading a book or working with your hands.

Write Every Day

Getting the creative juices flowing isn’t always easy, but it’s absolutely necessary to keeping your mind sharp and establishing a habit of, well, creating.

A popular exercise for many creatives is to write something every day after you first wake up, filling up three pages or the equivalent of 750 words. While this may seem totally daunting at first, bear in mind that anything is fair game in terms of what you write. It could be a nonsensical rant or the beginnings of a novel: as long as you get your thoughts on paper (or the screen), you’re golden.

The key is establishing a creative habit in some way, shape or form. Writing every day can be a cathartic experience that transforms the way you view the world as well as your own creative abilities.

Being a creative isn’t an exclusive club: you can learn creativity as long as you’re willing to commit to some long-term lifestyle changes. While it may seem like an uphill battle, you’ll thank yourself down the line for taking the leap.

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