Your bathroom can be one of the most expensive rooms in the house to make over. It is not necessary to install an expensive tile, get a rain shower and a claw foot tub, there is a variety of ways that can make your bathroom look luxurious. 

So if your bathroom is outdated or doesn’t operate well, consider its renovation. But that’s not it, decoration is as much important as renovation. You don’t only want it to work well but look good as well. Nevertheless, here are some ways in which you can make your bathroom look more like a spa. 

1. Enclose it

The best part of spa is the feel that you get when you enter it. It feels like taking a break from life leaving away all the worries and sorrows. It is just you and the spa. This feel can be infused in your bathrooms as well. Create a barrier between your bathroom and rest of the space. This can be done in a creative by hanging curtains and using big plants and partially conceal your shower or bathtub from rest of the bathroom. This even gives it a better look.

2. Presentation

Presentation matters a lot. The initial thing is to get equipment which is of quality whether it be your bath tray, sinks, or taps. Toilets matter here as well. Read review on the best rated toilets to enhance the aesthetics of your bathroom. Get yummy-smelling soaps and present them beautifully. 

3. Surprising additions

Bathrooms are not supposed to be normal. You need to add something that is unique and creative which enhances the visual appeal. Incorporate your creativity in it and decorate your bathroom in an unprecedented way. For example, you can add a piece of art in your shower or think over something more practical. Maybe consider adding a huge mirror which. You can even consider adding flowers. Just make it surprising for the visitor. 

4. Surround yourself with positivity

By positivity, here I mean surround yourself with good things. There are hundreds of options you can choose from the market. In the prevalence of consumerism, you can get a myriad of things that can enhance your bathroom’s appeal. Relax and surround yourself with softness. Go for things that give your bathroom a spa-like feel. Get the right apparel as well to ensure a better post-shower feel. 

5. Accessorize

Bathroom accessories can elevate the look of your bathroom. Simple things like a shower curtain or window treatments can transform the appearance of it. Upgrade your towels and hand towels. Make sure your accessories complements the natural feel of space. This way your bathroom will look a better place. 


There are a lot of things that you can do to make your bathroom look a better place. Bathroom is unquestionably one of the most used areas of your house. You don’t want your guests to return out of bathroom with a disgusting look on their face. 

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