Don’t we all wish we have even a little bit more time each day? This is especially true at work when a surprisingly large number of employees stay late to finish work. Employees who work overly long hours are not necessarily good workers. Modern businesses prefer employees who work smart, not those who have crammed schedules. Saving time and becoming more efficient at work is beneficial in many ways. Firstly, it’s great for individual employees because they will not have to clock in extra hours. It’s also good for businesses because less time waste means better productivity. Here’s what busy employees can do each day to become more efficient:

Use Technological Tools

The easiest approach to becoming a more efficient worker in the modern workplace is to use technology. More precisely, use the right type of technology. If the employee is a project manager, then even a simple task management app like Asana can take loads off the schedule. Marketing team members can use web tools like Buffer to schedule posts in advance. The use of tech software and apps are saving time across many professions. Even highly traditional professions, such as being a truck driver, are making the slow but steady transition into using personal tech. Truckers can now save time by using apps like HWY Pro, developed by the veteran entrepreneur Bill Busbice. Likewise, everyone in just about any job now can check the app for that. 

Tackle the Hardest Tasks First

Employees are advised to tackle the tough tasks first thing during the day or the week. The reason is simple. When the hard tasks are out of the way, employees can focus better on the smaller ones to get them done quickly. Stop worrying about that big project and let overall productivity suffer. Get it out of the way and save time on all the other tasks. 

Stop Scrolling Social Media Feeds at Work

A favorite habit of many office workers is occasionally checking personal Facebook or Twitter feeds. It can be fun and can also be a temporary reprieve. However, checking social media sites occasionally can lead to time waste on an epic scale. Think about it for a moment. When was the last time anyone checked Facebook just for a “minute or two”? Once you start scrolling, you will keep scrolling for minutes and then tens of minutes. Therefore, stop checking personal social media feeds during work. Do it during free time, such as the lunch hour or on the way to work, but never during work. 

Schedule a Time to Check the News

Checking the news is indeed important, but reading news articles can take up a lot of time during the day. Therefore, check the news during a particular time during the day (unless, of course, monitoring the headlines is actually the job). For example, read the e-papers in the morning or on the way from work. Don’t obsessively check news feeds, like social media feeds, during office hours. Set up news alerts for emergency news, such as for a hurricane warning, if such occurs during office hours. 

You can also save time by making to-do lists. Another simple hack is to avoid “just a moment” meetings and instead send an email or a Skype text. There are so many easy ways to save time and be more productive during work hours. 

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