An animated storyboard is a tool used in pre-production for both animations and films. It is a series of images organized in a manner that shows the visual representation and the direction of each and every scene. But on the other hand, an animated storyboard involves taking the images, combining them to create a movie file, and then adding sound effects, soundtracks, audio or dialogue to it. Therefore this occurs at the introduction of the film. 

It is produced by shooting consecutive sections of storyboards, and then putting in soundtracks. When working on either a movie, short film, TV series or any project which is audiovisual, the production team works with an animated storyboard to give them a clear picture of what the project will look like. You can hire an expert like animated storyboards - ilustra to help you with crafting your animated storyboards. The artist will help you with the shots and staging of your animation. 

What are they used for?

Animated storyboards are used to pre-visualize the film before the commencement of the actual production. They are of vital importance in movie or animation production as they let you see what the movie will appear like for the first time. You can easily identify areas in your script which need to be edited before actually producing the movie.

They are also used by advertising agencies for the creation of test commercials, which in essence are less expensive. A few scenes are lifted from the full current movie or a television programs, which when blended together in a meaningful way, they simulating the look of the final proposed commercial.

Popular types of animated storyboards

2D animatic – these are usually drawn directly into a computer or tablet, and are then digitally colored. This work of art is loaded in files that are arranged in layers, with parts that move cut out and then separated by the illustrator. The advantage with 2D animatics is it allows for changes to the animation easily without delaying the production.

3D animatic – this type unlike 2D animatics uses 3D models instead of drawings. They are motion pictures that augment the misapprehension of depth perception. They are usually obtained from stereoscopic photography.

Benefits of animated storyboards

These storyboards help define the timing. You can determine the length of each scene easily and make modifications where necessary. An animated storyboard allows you to communicate precisely the length of each shot and the timing of the whole piece. It provides you with the exact representation of how long each action and shot will take, by timing the storyboard in a manner that represents the final piece of the film. You can also identify which scenes need to be trimmed to shorten the overall length of the film.

It is a clear representation of what the finished project will be like. It is much closer to the finished work, so it is easier to imagine how it will come out. It also defines the imagery, thus aiding in getting the main message passed as effectively as possible. 

Animated storyboards go a step further than the static sequence of images of storyboards as they help determine critically whether everything is working together in telling your story. Unlike storyboards, it incorporates soundtracks, sound effects and dialogue.

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