Fitness trackers have become the best way to stay active these days. With a number of popular brands out there it has become easy to take care of the health. More number of devices are not in the market which is offering different features like heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking and tracking exercises. 

With many smartwatches in the market it becomes hard to make the right choice of fitness bands. To help you out here are a few ones to choose from. 

Misfit Ray

This fitness band is unique. You can simply wear it like a fitness band or else it can be worn as an accessory along with a chain. The fitness band is capable to measure steps, sleep, steps and waterproof in water up to the depth of 50 metres. Even though it does not come with a built-in screen, you will find it vibrating when connected to your iphone or Android Phone.

Moov Now

Moov Now is an activity band which you can attach to the ankles or wrists and comes with a slim design. You can measure different kinds of motions like swimming to boxing, cycling to running. The app will pick up these kinds of movements and come up with accurate data. The band is quite small and measures activities completely. Still, it does not monitor heart rate. Again, it is fairly cheap and you can make use of Latest Indian Deals for better discounts.

FitBit Alta HR

Now this updated band comes with heart rate monitor along with the functions of sleep monitoring and step tracking. The band easily works with the Fitbit app which is quite user-friendly, easy to navigate and monitor a number of activities. The band is built for users who would like to monitor their health on everyday basis. The band comes with all the monitoring functions while giving away a sleek look. You can make use of the Paytmmall promo code for a better deal. 

Fitbit Charger 2

It is considered as the smarter fitness tracker which comes in mid-range covering a number of tasks. It can monitor a variety of things like weights, workout, cycling, running and much more with a better battery life. The app from Fitbit is quite easy to use and compared to the former one is not better at navigation and does not come with the waterproofing facility.

Garmin Vivosmart 3

Compared to other fitness bands in the market, Garmin’s fitness trackers are considered to be better. The app is right for the athletes like swimmers and good in shower as it comes with waterproofing facility. Some other features, which come with the fitness band is music controls and heart rate monitor. It comes with a five-day battery life but lacks a GPS tracker.

Garmin Forerunner 235

This professional looking sports watch delivers better at the premium price. This watch is not cheap and can be considered the best for the athletes who want more out of their fitness device. The watch comes with built-in GPS, heart rate monitoring and waterproof feature making is a serious choice for the fitness lovers. Something more you can expect from the band is the ability to let you read the text messages and emails and also let you take the call. 

There are a good number of fitness bands out there in the market and no doubt; you have much to choose from. These mentioned fitness bands are for sure amazing and you will be able to find a reliable partner from it.