Everyone on this planet loves to have a beautiful face that makes them admirable everywhere they visit. Maintaining the distinct outlooks needs many considerations, but along with that, your looks can also be spoiled with some basic factors that you don’t even bother about.

What most of you basically do to get a short-term fascinating face? Well, most of you will narrate the points like applying heavy foundation, attending a facial or many other artificial concepts. But these applications on your face don’t retain for long and your dull face appears easily.

But what are the reasons that really make your face dull? Here are some of the major points that you all must consider and attend them wisely. 

High Smoking Level: The fitness experts always recommend you to skip smoking in order to get the glowing and healthy skin. The smoking always results in fine lines that make you look old regardless of your young age. There are a large number of chain smokers over the globe that can be easily distinguished with their face. 

High-Stress Level: Be it your professional stress or the stress within your personal life, all it results in a dull face with dark circles and even sleepless nights. The high level of stress is always a major part of many people in today’s busy and hectic lifestyle. And in this lifestyle, they don’t find the time to overwhelm their stress, the stress level increases that result in unexpected looks.

Heavy Foundation: With the increase in salons in the market, most of you always prefer visiting the beauty salon and transform your looks. But in this process of getting artificial looks, you forget to attend your skin. With the heavy use of foundation layers on your face, you lose your actual beauty and bring pimples and other skin hazardous that you will not be aware of.

Artificial Supplements Intake [Avoiding natural Products]: this is a major factor that most of you actually do in your daily life, but are not bothered about. The technology has resulted in countless inventions that claim to offer you appealing beauty and glowing face.  But all it takes in the regular intake of some artificial pills or supplements. These artificial medicines are highly harmful whereas the natural products are already available in the market to offer you a glowing skin and lasts for long.

It looks to be strange, but the lightening system of your home does affect the way you look. Different lightning system will deliver different looks that you will not really believe. For e.g. the Philips inbouwspots will offer you a bright light that will provide the real look that you actually retain. On the other hand, traditional bulbs will always deliver you the dim and dull light that will result in the same sort of looks that you don’t really love to be. 

So, all the given factors are major points that you all need to consider and heed them. But never believe in your looks what you think for yourself. Instead, judge your looks in different conditions that will help you find the real YOU within you.

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