A major mistakes person has to face during the time of immigration attorney and they need some valuable immigration solutions to avoid such distracted situation. Here in this article, we will discuss the three major and most founded mistakes in the immigration process. In many of the cases, it has been seen that many individuals make big mistakes during their immigration and has to face terribly sad consequences which somehow affects their families, major loss of time and money. It is good to choose the one with a properly licensed immigration attorney. The desire of this article is to share the information which will provide you a great understanding of the complexities to be faced during the immigration process. 

  • Unlawful presence in the county: Never try to make the mistake of attending a visa immigration appointment after having lived in the country with an expired visa; this is to be under the unlawful presence of an individual.  Let us clear the situation which an easy example if a person is living in the country with an expired visa for more than 180 days than this, should be considered as an unlawful presence in the country. To avoid this situation or mistake is to depart the country prior to accumulate of unlawful presence, then again individual can return as a tourist. By such solution, your situation will become lawful again. But still, remember not to make false declaration of your country citizenship status.

  • Falsely declaration of country citizenship status: False declaration of country citizenship is illegal. These declarations of country citizenship are only eligible if the individual is lawfully having a permanent resident over three to five years as per countries citizenship status. If the individual follows the false declaration and wilful misrepresentation of country citizenship status is unapproved offense and for such things, individual will barred for life. It is good to avoid such situations by being wilful honest and make sure to carry all your proper original documentation to support country law and your current status.

  • Filing of naturalization with caution: it is to be suggested by all the immigration service providers not to fill the naturalization until you fulfil all the requirements. The entire form is to be checked by the country officials and if they find any criminal report of the individual which is not mentioned in the form then in such cases they deport the individual on the spot. There is a different technical requirement that is supposed to be fulfilled such as residential requirements, language requirement etc. 

Well, at the end of the discussion it is good to remember all the above major mistakes while planning to immigrate. Remaining it is good to follow the instructions of any good professional immigration attorney. Proper direction or law should be followed by making a step forward for the immigration process. Avoid facing such stressful situations and live your flawless life. Also be sure not to be trapped in a fraud immigration agency which will make you suffer more lifelong.

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