Going on road and camping trips in an RV is fun, and if you’re someone who likes to go RV traveling a lot, learning about hacks to make RV traveling easier will make it even more fun.

Here are the top five RV travel hacks:

Hack #1 – Use Sage To Repel Mosquitoes 

Mosquitoes are incredibly annoying, not to mention they can cause swelling if they do indeed bite your skin. It’s just one reason why mosquito repellent is a necessary item for any RV trip. 

But do you want to know a trick to keep the mosquitoes completely away from your camp that doesn’t involve spraying yourself from head to toe with the store bought mosquito repellant?

All you need to do is take a few branches of sage and then throw them into your campfire. Mosquitoes really do not like the smell of sage at all, and it will keep them at bay.

Hack #2 – Turn An Ordinary Water Bottle Into A Lamp

This is another fun trick that will make it easier to see things at night around your RV camp. Simply strap a headlamp around your water bottle, with the light facing into the water. The water will diffuse the light, turning it into a lamp.

Note: a trick to make this concept even more effective will be to fill up a large milk jug with water and then use that instead.

Hack #3 – Garbage Container Trick

At most Wal-Marts, you should be able to locate a plastic container used for storing cereal. This container can also be used as the ultimate RV garbage container because they fit grocery bags almost perfectly. Secure the bag into the container, and then when it gets filled up, you can dispose of it and replace the bag.

Hack #4 – Use Tortilla Chips To Get A Campfire Going

Why collect firewood and kindling to get a fire going when you could just use tortilla chips instead? Tortilla chips are very flammable thanks to the oils present in the chips. Fritos and doritos will be your best bet.

Hack #5 – Keep Your Cooler Cool

A well-known trick for keeping your cooler cool for extended periods of time is to freeze water bottles, essentially turning them into blocks of ice, and then place them into your cooler with your food and beverages.  The block of ice in the bottle will last far longer than the small ice cubes, which are the more common alternative. On a hot day as well, you can pull out the bottles and they will slowly melt under the sunlight, giving you a steady stream of ice cold water.

RV Travel Hacks

These are just a small handful of the many different hacks that are out there for traveling in your RV. Are these hacks absolutely necessary to know? Obviously not, but they can still be fun to do and at the very least they will help to make your life just a little bit easier.

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