Great hair takes work and time, as well as knowhow and though we can’t provide the first two, we can offer advice.  So, here are some great tips for great hair. 

Tip No 1: Your Hair Needs To Be Protected

Your hair always needs protection from the sun, wind, and rain. If you expose your hair to a lot of sun, pollution, dirt and so on you are only going to make matters worse. It can cause dirt to build up, your hair to become dry and even your scalp to get infections. Use an umbrella or a hat to cover your hair. You can even use your dupatta.

Tip No 2: Wet Hair Should Be Handled With Care

When your hair is wet it is very fragile and easily breaks. The shaft and roots of your hair are more prone to damage when wet. When you shampoo your hair, do so gently. This is where breakage starts. You should also avoid brushing your hair as soon as you come out of the shower. use a shower cap instead if need be.

Tip No 3: Condition On A Regular Basis

Every time you wash your hair you should use a moisturizing conditioner. Don't leave the shower without doing this. If you have frizzy hair, this could be why.

Tip No 4: Get Your Conditioning Habits Right

You need to condition the right way. Conditioners are designed to seal in moisture to the hair shaft. They are not designed for the scalp. You should start conditioning around 2 inches from the scalp. If you use an excessive amount of conditioner you will end up with a scalp that is very oily.

Tip No 5: Use the Same Line Of Shampoo And Conditioner

Opt for a shampoo and conditioner that are from the same line and hence will have similar formulas. These are created for a specific hair type. It gives better results when you use the same line.

Tip No 6: Go Easy On The Heat

Try not to avoid using heat on your hair. Heat strips the hair of moisture and makes it dry. If you overuse heat it can also burn the hair. Only use curlers and straighteners when you absolutely need to and use a hair protectant first.

Tip No 7: Stay Away From hair Ties

Hair ties that are very tight should be avoided, a scrunchie or a cloth is better. Tight hair ties will pull the hair back which can add to friction.This, in turn, can lead to breakages.

Tip No 8: No Tight Bedtime Braiding

Before you go to sleep you cal loosely braid your hair so that it;s not frizzy in the morning, a side braid works best. If you leave your hair open you can get knots which will mean more brushing and pulling to get rid of them. If you overbrush you will only get more frizz.

Tip No 9: Opt For Satin Pillow Covers

A satin pillow cover can reduce friction breakage. Cotton and such like materials can be rather rough which can cause friction against the hair when you sleep.

Tip No 10: Be Cautious When Drying Your Hair

Pay your hair dry. Don't rub it dry. It may make it dry faster but you will double up how much hair gets broken or falls out.

Tip No 11: Apply Frequent Scalp Oil

Use oil on your hair as much as possible and use a gentle shampoo to wash it out. This is good for the hair. However, don't go mad with it. An excessive amount will only mean more shampoo to get rid of it which will strip the natural oils from your hair.

Tip No 12: use The Right Hair Masks

Use hair masks that match your hair type. The needs of hair vary depending on type. If you don't use the right hair mask, you may do more damage.

Tip No 13: Choose a Good Style

A good style makes all the difference when looking to achieve good hair. Picking a style that suits you is pivotal. Here is a list of great stylish hairstyles that celebs are killing - see if one of them works. 

Tip No 14: Your Hair Likes Cold Water

Use cold water for hair washing. We know that our parents will make a protect about this making us sick, but how water does the same thing to your hair that heat styling can do. We don't mean you need to freeze, water at room temperature is fine too.

Tip No 15: Use Clarifying Shampoo Monthly

Monthly this is a good choice. It will get rid of product build up in the hair which tends to make shampoos and conditioners less effective.

Tip No 16: Brush The Right Way

You can easily increase your hair luster by brushing. It allows the natural oils to spread out. However, don't overdo it. Also, stay away from plastic brushes which can cause damage.

Tip No 17: Eat Healthily

If you are healthy inside, it will show on the outside. The more healthy you are, the more your hair will dazzle. If you are serious about  having great hair, you need to eat well. Iron, proteins and other vitamins are vital for hair health. If you can't get enough from your diet you could take a supplement. Having a good hair diet will also give you confidence and help you to stay healthy.

Tip No 18: Don't Go Mad With Lots Of Products

Don't use too many products on your hair. Of course, we know there are a few necessities like shampoo, conditioner and serum, but try to stay away from bottled products when you can.

It all starts with the basics, however, you need additional care as well. How can you keep hair healthy? How can you maintain your hair? We all ask these questions. If you want to have gorgeous hair forever, it needs a little bit of extra tlc. So if the products you are buying just are not working their magic it may be time to try some natural solutions instead.

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