There are many a times be it an emergency situation or some industrial or rescue work the need for water containment is required to finish the work as soon as possible. But the traditional sandbags and earthen barriers are not the most prominent choice because of many loopholes in their installation process and also the time they consume. Especially if we talk about the emergency situations like flood or dam leakage the thing that can avoid further disaster is the quick response. 

So today we will be evaluating why cofferdams are a better choice when it comes to comparing with earthen barriers and sandbags.  Let’s find out why earthen barriers and sandbags are not so effective in damage control and what are the reasons behind it:

Ease of Motion: We all know emergency situation provides minutest chance for damage control. So it is very necessary to act quickly. So if we have to consider earthen barriers then they are not so easy to build and if we talk about sandbags they are also not the best alternative because moving or taking them to the spot is a tedious task. On the other hand water filled dams are an easy option because they can be moved to any terrain within few minutes to few hours depending on the location.  

Man Power Required: Earthen barriers require immense manpower because building them require a lot of effort and team work. Sandbags are also not the easiest of solutions to put in place. The first thing that is required is to load the sandbags to vehicles and then taking them to the location and then unload them so the man power that is needed to do all these activities is huge.  On the other hand portable water dams are the easiest of solution to bring to place of disaster and start the damage control.

Time Required: As we have already mentioned above that the time required to build an earthen barrier not only requires a lot of man power but the time it consumes is not suitable for immediate damage control.  This is also the case with sandbags as taking them on the spot generally takes a lot of time. On the contrary when it comes to portable water filled dams they take least time in moving and getting inflated and pumping out the water from the affected area.

Effectiveness: This is one major factor that must not be overlooked. Earthen barriers are effective in stopping water damage but the structure remains at the spot forever. With regards to sandbags we know they are not effective if they are not tightly sealed with mud or other sealant. On the other hand water filled dams are very effective in stopping the water from getting through to the other side. This is because the water inflates the portable dam and becomes heavier and because of it’s flexibility there are no leaks through which water can leak. 

These are some of the reasons why cofferdams are a better choice in comparison to earthen barriers and sandbags. Not only this but there are many technical aspects that make water filled dams a better alternative against its counterparts.

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