Craving for some Japanese food while in Sydney? Worry not, for there are plenty of restaurants here that offer this kind of cuisine. From ramen to sushi to yakitori, there will always be something for you that truly satisfies your taste buds.

Good thing, there are incredible Japanese chefs who live and do business in the city. You are sure to get the authentic taste you are looking for when dining in one of the Japanese restaurants around Sydney. Here are a few of the best Japanese joints you need to visit when in Sydney:

Cho Cho San

Headed by Chef Nic Wong, Jonathan Barthelmess, and Sam Christie, Cho Cho San is said to be Sydney’s dining dream team. You can check it out for an impressive list of food and drinks like no other. This joint is inspired by the izakayas of Japan and serves raw choices and meats prepared over coals. It is definitely one of the go-to restaurants for great-tasting Japanese food.


Offering high-end Japanese dishes to Central Sydney, Tokonoma is the place to be. With Euro twist in its menu, don’t be surprised to see some changes in some regular food. Certainly, you are going to have a great experience dining in as the meals taste heavenly. You are going to be back here for more, so be sure to try it out and delight in its delish meals!

Ryo’s Noodles

Calling all ramen lovers out there! Ryo’s Noodles is the perfect joint for all of you. Upon entering the restaurant, you would think you are transported to a real Japan noodle house. Its lemon yellow walls are designed with banners in Japanese script, making it look like one of the authentic restaurants in the Land of the Rising Sun. Taste its steaming bowls of ramen and you will never regret anything.

Chaco Bar

They say that the best things in life come in small packages. Well, this is sort of true at Chaco Bar. This yakitori bar serves grilled meats over roughly chopped raw white cabbage. You can choose the chef’s selection in case you can’t decide which yakitori sticks to buy. Also, be back on Monday night or lunch time for big bowls of ramen and sizzling gyoza.


Enjoy a delectable Japanese fare at Sokyo! This casino-based joint offers appetizing meals and drinks that you will absolutely love, especially if you love this kind of cuisine. With Chef Chase Kojima commanding the sushi counter, you will be totally impressed. Sokyo is not just all about its glitzy interiors, rather the food it serves. Since it’s Sydney's top Japanese restaurant, better make a reservation first to ensure a seat. Landing a seat here is a challenge, so book a table in advance.

Indulge in the best Japanese food when in Sydney. Your visit at any of these joints specified above will make your trip worth it. Nothing truly compares satisfying your cravings wherever you go, thus, always make your tummy happy and seize every moment.