It’s reported that 97 percent of consumers read online reviews, and 40 percent will make a decision after reading just one to three reviews. What’s more, 85 percent of consumers say that they trust online reviews as much as they trust a personal recommendation from a friend or family member, giving reviews a lot of power. Consumers rely on reviews to help them know whether a product, a service, or even certain entertainment is worth the time and the cost. 

The weight that consumers give online reviews means that there’s a lot of opportunities to not only help but also to make money by running a review blog. And one of the most fun types of review blogs to run is, without a doubt, a movie review blog. 

Whether you’ve started one already or are always getting compliments on your reviews and are considering starting one soon, an important element of a movie review blog is its credibility. Although consumers may rely on online reviews, they need reviews that are honest and credible that they know they can trust. No matter what stage your movie review blog is in, the following tips can help you build up credibility quickly to ensure that the people who look up your reviews are getting sound information, and to ensure that your blog becomes one of the top-ranked for movie reviews. 

Publish Reviews Regularly

One of the keys to building credibility as a blogger, no matter what type of blog you run, is posting consistently. Although you may not have the chance to catch every single movie that hits the theaters or watch every single TV show that’s uploaded onto Netflix, making sure you review the big ones and posting reviews regularly is important. By posting every day or consistently every week, you’ll build up reliability and credibility that your followers will love and come to depend on.

Keep Your Reviews Objective

Everybody is different and has different tastes and preferences. While you don’t have to keep all personal opinions and preferences out of reviews completely, keeping the reviews as objective as possible will help you build up credibility and trust with consumers of all types--not just those who share your same preferences and opinions. By focusing objectively on the movie and then including little side notes or blurbs below the main review that express your more personal opinion on things, you will build up credibility quickly and attract audiences of all different types instead of just the ones who can easily relate to you. 

Build Your Following on Social Media

When it comes to running a blog, social media is an extremely important tool you need to be using. If you haven’t been working on getting more Instagram followers and gaining Facebook page likes already, that’s something you should start paying more attention to. As you build up a following, you’ll build up credibility. When those who are looking into your site as a potential source for reviews see that you have lots of followers, they’ll likely be more inclined to trust you and what you have to say, building your following even further.

Engage with Your Audience

While building your audience on social media, (and your blog), is important, if you want to build credibility and make the most of your efforts, then you’ll need to engage with them too. Pose questions, reply to comments, share others’ posts, and share things you find funny. Engaging with your audience instead of just pitching your reviews to them will help you build a relationship with those who follow you and, in turn, build up your rapport and credibility. 

Take Requests 

As mentioned, you likely won’t be able to review every single TV show and movie that hits the big screen, so you’ll have to filter and review according to what your audience wants. One great way to know that they want is to take requests. Whether someone wants you to review their favorite show in hopes it will entice their friends to watch it too, or someone wants you to take the time to watch a movie and help them decide if they should watch it themselves, taking requests from your followers now and again is a great way to build up a trusting relationship.

Ask for Feedback on Your Reviews 

While you don’t want to have your followers critiquing your word choice, criticizing your grammar, or giving other unnecessary feedback, asking for feedback about the shows and movies you’re reviewing or about whether or not there’s enough information in your reviews can help you build up credibility. Asking for feedback is a form of customer service, and one happy customer could result in nine referrals, meaning that small effort of asking for feedback and working on improving your reviews could result in more traffic and followers. 

Make Sure Your Reviews are Error Free

As mentioned, you don’t want people to start criticizing the grammar in a review you’ve written, so it’s important to do what you can to make sure that your reviews are error free. Whether you have someone review them, plug them into Grammarly, or edit them yourself after taking a short break, making sure that your reviews are free of errors and as professional as possible will build up trust and credibility with your readers.

Don’t Spoil the Films

This should go without saying, but sometimes reviewers unintentionally include spoilers that upset avid fans. If you must include spoilers or potential spoilers, then you should preface the review with a big “Spoiler Alert.” If you don’t need to include any spoilers at all, though, then don’t. Your readers shouldn’t have to get all of the dirty details to decide whether or not a show or film is worth their time.

In Conclusion

Reviews are extremely important these days, whether you’re looking to buy a product or trying to decide which show to watch. As a reviewer, one of the keys to success is building up credibility and trust with your audience, and by posting regularly, avoiding spoilers, and building up your following on social media, you can help give your review blog a boost and build credibility quickly.

What movie or TV show do you plan to review next? 

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