If you’re thinking about writing a novel but aren’t sure where to start, you aren’t alone. Every writer, even Ernest Hemingway and J.K. Rowling, had times when they felt like they just couldn’t write. But the fact is, writing a novel is all about getting into the right mindset. Like any form of creation, you need to commit to writing your novel and coming up with the right strategies to inspire yourself even on the hardest of days. And even though it may sound crazy, one of the best ways to force yourself to get that novel written is by making your writing time last only one month. That way, instead of dragging out the process, you can get it all done in a short amount of time.

It’s not an easy task, but by using the right strategies, you can get your novel written in thirty days. Once that’s happened, you can take a step back and edit all the material you’ve written. Here’s how to get started!

Get prepared and inspired beforehand

Before you even start working on your novel, you need to prepare. Because the minute you start writing every day, you won’t have much time to do any additional research or character development. The six months prior to writing, re-read your favorite authors and read new books related to your novel. It’s not a bad idea either to check out related films. For example, if you’re writing a novel about musicians, check out movies like A Star Is Born and Almost Famous.

Additionally, do your character research, and think about the important milestones in your book. J.K. Rowling, whose net worth was $650 million back in 2017, planned out the entire plot to the Harry Potter series before even putting her pen down to paper. So a little prep goes a long way! It’s important, in the same way that influencers use tools like SocialGoneViral to get followers.

Plan your schedule ahead of time

Once you’ve done enough prep work for your novel, it’s time to figure out how you’re going to space out your writing days and time. The length of a month often means writing every day, but for some people, having weekends off is worth writing some extra hundred words every day. If you have any vacations, or you’re particularly busy at work, then it’s smart to pick a different month, too.

Additionally, think about how you’re going to schedule your writing day-to-day. Historically, many writers have woken up at 5 am every day to get a couple of hours in before going to work. Other writers choose their lunch break. Depending on what your schedule allows, decide what you’re going to do day to day. Considering that, in 2017, there were 92 thousand authors, writers, and translators in the UK alone, there are some great strategies out there everyone uses to come up with the perfect schedule.

Create a writing ritual--and don’t get distracted!

Now that you’ve prepared so much, it’s time to finally start writing. Depending on what you’re most comfortable with, you have to come up with a writing ritual that works for you. For some writers, this means having a private office; for others, it’s getting work done at a cafe after a run in the park. Once you’ve created a ritual, it’s like creating a sacred space where you only write, and this is incredibly effective.

Don’t get distracted! Put your phone on airplane mode, get off your laptop, and use a website blocker if you’re using a word processing program or Google docs. Considering that, in 2017, adults spent an average of 3.3 hours a day on their mobile phones, it’s a good idea to leave yours at home if you can.

Get a writing partner

Finally, one of the best ways to stay motivated is having a writing partner. If you have a friend who meets to write with you, that’ll make everything easier; solidarity is a powerful thing. You can also join a writing class, especially if having deadlines motivates you. However, if it’s important to you that everyone is working a full novel in one month, then we recommend joining up with the National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) writers.

Considering that, in the UK, the average writer/author salary is 30,000 pounds (almost $40,000), this can be an actual way to make a living--so it’s a smart idea to get a writing partner!

These are some of the best ways to get your novel written in just one month. What other strategies do you think would be effective?