Neon signs have been lighting our streets for decades. Although it may have declined in recent years, neon signs are certainly making a comeback now. These signs are amazing because they are handmade and a combination of exceptional artistry and talent. 

Neon signs are continually glowing all across the globe. There are many famous neon signs that have gradually become popular landmarks for people to visit and see. Following are some of the most recognizable neon signs all around the world:

1. Circus Liquor

This classic neon sign is located in Los Angeles, California. It features a neon clown that is selling liquor and wine. It is considered as one of the most popular landmarks of North Hollywood. It is more than half a century old, which is indicative of the fact that neon signs tend to last longer than traditional signs. However, as it is a clown, some have considered it as inducing horror, but never the less it’s a landmark that stands proud for all to see. 

2. The Coppertone Girl

This neon sign is a representation of a little girl who loses her bathers to a puppy. It is situated in Miami and is one of the most popular emblems all over the globe. This sign has been relocated a number of times and received several makeovers. However, during the early 1990s, the neon lights were replaced with LEDs. 

3. Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas

This is arguably the most famous neon sign of all, and for most tourists a trip to Sin City wouldn’t be complete without a selfie using this sign as the backdrop. People can just stand in front of it and capture the beauty of this sign. The back part of the sign has a message of ‘Come Back Soon’. Featuring in many movies and TV shows, it is unquestionably one of the best neon signs across the world. 

4. Grain Belt Beer

Since about 1940, this landmark has been in Minneapolis. It is just next to the Hennepin Avenue Bridge. The letters were flashed in sequence back then, however, this neon sign has been in the dark for some time. However, this neon sign is up for sale and is looking for someone who can restore the lights. Nevertheless, it still stands as one of the most recognizable neon signs.

The bottom line

Neon signs were the norm just a few decades back. It used to be the most effective form of marketing due to the benefits it offered, so easily recognizable and excellent longevity. As with many things of yesteryear, it is now slowly making a comeback. Numerous businesses are relying on different forms of neon signs to market their services and the influence of social media has definitely impacted the design and décor of many establishments.

The popularity of neon signs in café’s, bistro’s, hair salons to name but a few, has surged in recent years and with the advances and customizable nature of neon lighting technology, this popularity is sure to continue.

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