moana waterIn 2016, Disney released a princess movie in which the main character did not have a love interest. It was a first for Disney. Auli'i Cravalho, a Hawaiian native, voiced the 16-year old Polynesian princess and most the film’s cast also had Polynesian heritage, another monumental moment in movie history. It’s quite possible that you missed the awesome animation of the water because the storyline was so well-developed.

Moana is sent on a quest to save her people. She must leave her safe island home, to take to the ocean, which becomes a character as well as a driving force in the movie. To animate an inanimate object while keeping its natural properties is something of a feat. As an added pressure, most Disney movies do not have many water scenes, but Moana had hundreds of them. Disney teams turned to technology to computer-generate the water in the movie.

Animating a Story Is a Labor of Love

Creating an animated movie is extremely laborious and complex. An artist must create the environment, everything from the props to textures of grass and ground. The characters themselves should be animatable and capable of demonstrating emotion and movement. Other designers work on lighting and effects. Bringing these elements together is much more difficult than a live-action movie. One of the pieces of the environment had to appear lifelike and act as an element of the scene.

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Everyone has a few thoughts on saving money. If you have ever found yourself in a bind, you have encountered that well-meaning person who has advised you to cut out all family entertainment. Their philosophy is that you can’t afford to have fun. Life is too hard right now. They're wrong.

You might have even been that person at a point in someone else’s life. This is especially likely if that someone else was your newly adult child. It seems they are always running out of money. And they are always coming to you for more of it.

But as humans, we can’t really live a healthy life without entertainment, especially if we have a family to raise. Entertainment is too integral to the human experience. It helps us unwind, imagine, and be restored throughout the week. Rather than cutting out entertainment, try these tips to cut some of the expense:

Budget Your Sports

Having one sports fan in the home can be expensive. Having a house full of sports fans can be financially debilitating. Of all the sports, football is the most expensive, and that’s just the tickets to a game. We’re talking the cheap seats. Throw in jerseys, baseball caps, and blankets for all the favorite teams, and you’ll soon be taking out a second mortgage.

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Merchandise is the key to optimizing your sales and getting your band noticed when you're playing local venues. Having physical copies of your music gives you the ability to promote your band before appearances, and you can make more money on gig night if you've got CDs and t-shirts to sell while everyone is still amped up from the performance and wants a little memento from the evening.

You don't need to have any design skills to create your merchandise, and you can get the ball rolling from the comfort of your own home. 

Hire a Great Artist

Submit your proposal to a graphics platform like 99 designs. You need to give a description of the kind of design that you're looking for and then artists from all over the world will produce designs for you. Next, you give some feedback, look over any revised artwork, then pick the design that you like the best.

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The age of the Internet has meant an explosion of both new media to consume and new ways to consume it. There are more avenues for getting quality content delivered directly to you than ever before. It can be just as overwhelming to pick which service to use for streaming, downloading, or buying digital content as it is choosing which movie to actually watch!

Unfortunately, with the advent of all this new technology, there are of course some limits that have been enforced and placed in the way of consumers looking to enjoy content from a number of different countries and global regions.

To break it down quickly...

There are different contracts between distribution companies (like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and other streaming services around the globe) and the companies that hold the rights to movies the public would be interested in seeing. For example, when the American Netflix DNS buys the rights to stream a movie in America, another company in a different part of the world may hold the rights to distributing or streaming that same movie for their region.

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