You know that credit card debt is bad, for a number of financial reasons. The average United States household’s credit card debt is $16,061—and at an average APR of 15 percent, that means the average household is paying $2,400 annually in interest alone. The power of compound interest makes that figure exponentially worse for some families, and the resulting necessity of minimum monthly payments can get in the way of your plans to buy a house, take a vacation, or even make it to your next paycheck.

Unfortunately, credit card debt is even worse when you consider how much it affects your personal life—beyond the basic financial repercussions.

How Credit Card Debt Affects Your Personal Life

So how can credit card debt affect your personal life?

1. Your social life. Credit card debt can make it harder to socialize with your friends, to some extent. Your best friends won’t care about money—they’ll be happy to spend time with you at home, without paying for anything—but at the same time, it’s also fun to go out to have food or grab a drink, and struggling with debt can make it hard to keep up with even occasional indulgences. 

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For a girl, one of the most beautiful relationships is the one that she has with her brother or her bhaiya. And, if the brother is married, the bond is further extended to sister-in-law or bhabhi!

A bond that is bestowed upon by birth and carried for life, and keeps the love alive between a brother and a sister. The small fights, the leg pulling, the snatching of chocolates in childhood are replaced by utmost caring and sharing in youth. With brother's marriage, as the new member comes into the picture, sister is even more delighted to have a friend and a sister, in one single person.

Though the fondness in such relationships is natural, yet, there are a few things which bring supreme joy and strengthen the connection for life. A few deliberate love-filled actions can also work to resolve any conflicts if there are any.

If you are a sister, it is also upon you to make efforts and try to strengthen your relationship with your bhaiya and bhabhi.

Bless Them with All Your Heart

While you might already be doing that, make sure you give words to your blessings and let them have a joyous experience. A good idea would be to buy a beautiful bhaiya-bhabhi card and write down your emotions and blessings and send it across. You can hand it over personally if you stay with them. This little gesture is definitely going to touch their hearts.

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Vitamins and minerals are two extremely important nutrients your body needs on a daily basis in order to stay healthy and function at optimal levels. You’re probably familiar with Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and Vitamin B, but did you know there are eight types of Vitamin B that your body needs daily?

This collection of eight B vitamins (known as the “B-complex”) work together to strengthen your immune system, help cells grow, regulate your metabolism, and manage the function of your nervous system (and more). B vitamins are used to treat various illnesses and conditions like tinnitus, sciatica, stress, diabetes, and even fatigue.

Here are the eight B vitamins that make up the B-complex:

Vitamin B1 – Thiamine. The body cannot make this form of Vitamin B on its own so it must be obtained from foods like oatmeal, flax, asparagus, potatoes, kale, and eggs. Thiamine plays an important role in creating acetylcholine and GABA.

Vitamin B2 – Riboflavin. This form of Vitamin B activates folic acid (Vitamin B9) and can be found in eggs, organ meats, nuts, milk, soybeans (edamame), yeast, Brussels sprouts and leafy greens like kale and chard. This vitamin provides energy for metabolism and helps your body process fats, carbs, and proteins.

Vitamin B3 – Niacin. Niacin is another form of Vitamin B that can be found in organ meats, fish, chicken, eggs, venison, sweet potatoes, avocados, tomatoes, nuts, fungi, carrots, dates, and some whole grains. This vitamin creates energy in the body and helps to repair DNA.

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money rainYou shouldn't have to dread looking at your bank account, should you?

The sad story is similar for most of us, though: we try to save, but at the end of the month we somehow end up back at square one or with less cash than we thought we had. Oftentimes, it's the most overlooked aspects of our spending that really chip away at our checkbook.

If you're disappointed at the number in your bank account, it may very well be due to your overlooked bad habits. Fortunately, some small changes over time can ultimately help you keep money in your pocket without having to sacrifice too many comforts.

So, how can you start saving sooner rather than later?

Stop Smoking

If you smoke a pack of cigarettes per day, you could easily be spending thousands of dollars per year on smoking alone. Think about it: you could potentially have five figures in a savings account right now if you would have quit five years ago. Although hindsight is 20/20, it's never too late to stop smoking and rethink the negative impact not only on your health but also your bank account.

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