Mobile gaming is going to see exponential growth in terms of quality, interface, and innovation. The future is now in terms of mobile gaming, which is the most popular way to game. 2016 was the first year mobile gaming revenue surpassed PC and console gaming, and the market is expected to reach $118.6 billion by 2019, according to research published to CNBC. In order to keep the revenue momentum, mobile game creators are developing new ways to game, including virtual reality and adding the ability to livestream gameplay.

VR Introduces a Whole New Way to Play

Think VR is just for console gaming? Think again. VR is going to change mobile gaming as you know it, including incorporating already available VR hardware. The App Store on iPhone seems to have quite a few more interesting titles, such as Lamper VR, which is an action adventure game with very polished graphics. 

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Imagine being able to hit the publish button every time you write a post and know it’s going to crush it.

How much better would you sleep at night?

As a travel blogger, you probably have tons of potential topics to write about, but knowing what content will perform and drive traffic to your site for years to come can be tricky.

Fortunately, you don’t have to keep guessing what your audience is going to love. The tips I’ve provided below will teach you how to produce killer content time and again for your travel blog.

Let’s dive in.

Study Your Audience, Then Study Them Some More

Creating awesome content doesn’t start with your pen, it starts with your audience. As many bloggers know, being successful in the business means providing as much value as possible to your readers. This means knowing what they’re looking for.

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“What do you mean by you will not accept 500 and 1000 rupee notes? What will I do now?”

“The queue in banks and ATMs is longer than the Great Wall of China. I am nowhere going there!”

“The best way to handle demonetization is go minimal. Eat what you have and stay indoors. Simple!”

While each friend has a different opinion about the recent cash crisis, I see it all in a different perspective. With digital India claim all over, it is high time that the country moves towards cashless transactions. With plenty of online wallets available, there are plenty of alternatives available for cash transactions. Here let’s quickly discuss some of the options available in front of us and learn how to use online transactions for making life simple and interesting.


One of the best digital wallets that felicitate cashless transaction is Paytm. 

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Here are some of the most unheard places for vacations during New Year’s that you can thoroughly enjoy.

Muscat in Oman

Why to visit

Away from the tall buildings and busy life of Dubai lies one of the prettiest cities ever and that is Muscat in Oman. The beautiful beaches together with the mountains and colorful buildings make Muscat one of the must visit places when the year is about to end. In fact, you will feel the full burst of celebrations on New Year’s night because of all the fireworks show that take place.

Must to Do

Roof top dinner on New Year’s Eve is a must here. Enjoy the fireworks while eating the best food in Oman along with your friends or beloved. This wonderful experience will stay in your mind for years to come.

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