Dancing at weddings is obligatory. At least three dances have a big spotlight on them -- the first dance, the mother-son dance, and the father-daughter dance -- and the whole rest of the reception after cutting the cake and making the toasts is dedicated to dancing. You just can't avoid dancing.

At your own wedding, you will have all eyes on you as you dance for at least two of these dances and likely many more. Learning a few standards will show guests that you can do more than wrap arms around your partner and sway. Here are a few dances you should consider learning for your wedding:


The waltz is the basic box-step dance that so many couples dance at their weddings. It is popular because it is easy to learn and to perform. When you feel more comfortable with it, you can also dress it up with moves like twirls and dips. Look for classes that teach ballroom dances in NYC to find lessons for the waltz. You'll also get a nice primer on other ballroom dances that you might want to break out if the mood strikes.

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Everyone loves a good adventure. Maybe there’s a national treasure you’ve never seen but always wanted to, or you’ve got some vacation days piled up that you’re ready to use. Or maybe you have an automobile romance on your hands - your classic car is finally restored or you just saw a movie featuring a cool vehicle you’d love to rent for a road trip. Well, it’s time to seize the day! The Australian outback is waiting for you. Here are 4 incredible routes that will take you by some of the most interesting and important landmarks on the Australian continent.

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Kids everywhere have finally gone back to school, making your lives a little easier as parents. However, once the school day ends, they’ll come flocking back home, and you’ll need to think of some fun ways to entertain them that don’t include staring at a screen for the rest of the night. Here are a few helpful suggestions:

1. Visit Family Fun Centers

If you’re looking for a place where your kids can get their wiggles out before they start on homework, family fun centers are the place to go. From rock walls to giant trampolines, these places are loaded with safe equipment that kids love. If you look, you can often find coupons for things such as one hour of free jump time at a center near you. 

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Everybody seems to have a computer these days, whether it is a desktop, laptop, tablet, or you simply get online with your smartphone. Every one of these devices needs protection when it comes to using the internet because they are all at risk of hackers, viruses, and malware.

Keeping Your Computer System Clean

It can also be useful to have a application like CCleaner on your computer to clean up cookies and other garbage that accumulates on your system and slows it down, and leaves it more open to attacks.

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