In the realm of digital marketing, the term ‘customer engagement’ holds immense importance. Engaging with your customers in real time is indispensable for delivering them the best possible experience. It not only contributes to the growth of the business but also adds true value towards its primary goals. When you measure the top ‘engagement metrics’ throughout the marketing funnel, you develop an understanding of how poorly or brilliantly your marketing is performing. Hence, let’s discuss 6 most crucial engagement metrics that marketers in any SEO company in India or abroad need to keep a close eye on. We have also included some actionable strategies to improve them in order to perk up your business bottom line.  

Reach Of Content

Crafting a brilliant piece of content, which will resonate well with your audience, is an art. But if you want to know how it is working actually, you have to measure your ‘content reach’. It primarily defines the understanding of the total number of unique users and readers who consume your content while geographic locations, types of device, and social shares are other elements to consider. 

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Your personality is comprised of many physical features. Besides having an overall good physique your face symmetry matters a lot in deciding whether you look attractive or not. Having a small waist, toned legs, round butts, good neckline, broad shoulders, good hairs etc.your face symmetry matters a lot. It is been concluded in many studies that people who have a “Almond-shaped face” or “V-shaped face” tend to look more attractive than people with square jawline. So if you are the one with a square or rectangular jaw you must have noticed that your face looks round or squarish which makes you look plump even though you don’t have jawline fat. 

So what is the way to treat the square or rectangular jaw? Well most of the people will say you have to go under the knife to get a “V-shaped face” but this is not true. There are many procedures that can save you thousands of dollars which you will waste in cosmetic surgery and not to forget the risk associated with them. Today we will be discussing about one such very result-oriented method that has given ray of hope for people with square or rectangular face to get a “V-shaped face”. 

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For every earning person, term insurance is the first step in financial planning as it is simplest and cheapest form of Life Insurance. A simple term insurance costs as low as Rs. 13 per day for a cover of Rs. 1 crore. These plans help to pay during unfortunate and unforeseen events like sudden death due to accident which can impact your family’s financial future. The premium is comparatively low as there is no saving or investment factor attached to it and covers the risk of life.

What is Term Insurance?

It is a type of life cover that offers coverage for a defined period of time, and if the policy holder dies during the term of the policy then the death benefits are provided to the assigned nominee. The amount of coverage and tenure of the policy are fixed. Term insurance plans provides coverage at a fixed rate which known as premium for a fixed period of time. This is the cheapest way to provide death benefits at young age. The most common duration for the policy is 10, 15, 20 and 30 years. 

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When people talk about visiting the Bay Area, they’re probably dead-set on visiting the likes of San Francisco or San Jose.

And sure, those are amazing spots to visit. However, those who decide to sleep on Oakland are certainly missing out, especially if you’re camping or traveling via RV.

For starters, Oakland’s status as a “cool” alternative to San Francisco is rather telling, boasting plenty of sights, attractions and incredible nature spots that go under the radar. While you might not think of Oakland as a traditional place to go roughing it, consider how competition for campgrounds, RV rentals and the city in general is less crowded versus tourist favorites like San Jose.

So why does Oakland need to be on your list if you’re hunting for adventure? We’ve outlined our favorite reasons below.

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