If you’re filing a personal injury lawsuit, you’ve got a lot on your plate. You’re probably dealing with medical treatments, therapy, lost wages from work, various expenses, attorney appointments, and more.

You don’t have time for mistakes made during your personal injury case. As you navigate the difficulties of your case, here are the biggest mistakes you must avoid.

1. Feeling Guilty 

A personal injury lawsuit is not a personal attack on the at-fault party, nor is it a way to get rich quickly. It’s simply a way to take care of your needs, and you shouldn’t feel guilty about that.

“A serious car accident can disrupt your life and leave you overwhelmed and struggling to get back on your feet,” says an article from a law firm in Tennessee. “You may be a considerate person who has never thought about suing someone else, but you should not be burdened paying medical bills from a car accident injury that was caused by someone else’s negligence.” 

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My monthly water bill arrived today and when I reviewed it I realized how much less water we use during the winter months.  Here in Colorado it takes quite a bit of water to keep a lawn looking green.  Hopefully we’ll get enough snow in our mountains this year to provide the runoff we’ll need come spring.

This is the time of year when Coloradoans notice their skin drying out and their noses feeling the effects of less humidity.  We pull out the room humidifiers, our Neti pots and our saline nose spray.  It’s never all that humid here but winters are especially dry.

According to Dr. Jeffrey Utz, an expert on neuroscience and pediatrics at Allegheny University, our bodies are made up of mostly water.  Though it varies a bit from person to person, babies at birth are about 78 percent water.  By one year of age, that amount drops to about 65 percent.  In adult men, about 60 percent of our bodies are water, and for women, 55 percent.

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With all the craze around blockchain lately, it’s no wonder so many different companies are looking to enter the space. From trying to solve problems in anything from transportation to the arts, a lot of entrepreneurs are looking to lay their stamp on whatever industry they think will become the next unicorn. However, while it’s still too early to tell if a lot of blockchain applications are going to be successful (or even useful), there are a few industries that without a doubt have been early favorites for the technology across the board. Check them out below.


If there’s one industry that’s been long overdue for blockchain, it has to be the healthcare industry. In fact, even Congress’s recently released Joint Economic Report stated that blockchain could help “greater coordination and portability of health records, [which] could also assist by reducing paperwork burdens and preventing medical errors.” That pretty much hits the nail on the head for how blockchain can help the medical industry.

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Pink slip loans or in more general term car title loans are the most convenient loans you can get to manage your finances and tackle any sort of cash crunch situation. There are times when you come across unavoidable circumstances that demand quick arrangement of money. But the irony is that not everybody is capable of arranging money in a short period of time. If you opt for a bank loan you might end up waiting for weeks to get the approval or if you choose a private lender he might charge hefty interest rate which will make your financial condition even worst and when you will not be able to repay the loan amount you will have to face serious consequences also. So instead of putting your time and yourself at risk it is better to opt for a more convenient loan like a car title loan. 

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