Birthdays are special. Adult or a kid, birthday excitement is something that no one could escape and when it is adorned with a birthday party, the thrill becomes undefinable. Friends, family, music, fun, laughter and all this meant for one special person. Phone don’t stop buzzing and social media is filled with wishes. Your mom cooks your favourite delicacies and gifts just couldn’t stop pouring. That one day is just magical when everything in the world is about you. 

However, when it comes to arrange a birthday party, pretty much everything is same as the other ones. Cake, snacks, dinner, music and dance, and this regime now seems pretty mundane when the new and better ways are coming up everyday to make this special day much more exciting. So, what different you could do to make this day as unique as a snowflake. Here are some ides to follow through to give everyone a different taste of the birthday party.

1. Theme Cakes

Ditch the usual flavour and frosting and opt for a theme cake for birthday this time. Pick one which suits the personality of the birthday boy/girl. Not only it will attract humour from the guests but it will also become the centre of attraction at the party.

2. Treasure Hunt

Keep aside the lame games like spin the bottle and opt for much more thrilling ones like treasure hunt. It will make your birthday party a sure hit and will keep guest on their toes with amusement.

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Nursing is a field that continues to change and evolve. As the population continues to age, you’ll find that the nursing field also expands. We're seeing people move into the elderly stages of their lives in record numbers.

And it’s these individuals that need to be cared for properly.

The rise in the number of opportunities in the nursing field has led to men and women entering nursing as a solid career with a positive outlook. The main changes that we’re seeing in the nursing field are:

1. Men are Entering the Field in Record Numbers

Men have started to enter the nursing field in increasing numbers since the 1970s, and the Bureau of Labor claims that this figure rose from 2.7% to 9.6%. When a nurse comes in to check on your vitals, the nurse may just be a male.

The stigma of nursing being a woman-only field has started to fade.

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Neon signs have been lighting our streets for decades. Although it may have declined in recent years, neon signs are certainly making a comeback now. These signs are amazing because they are handmade and a combination of exceptional artistry and talent. 

Neon signs are continually glowing all across the globe. There are many famous neon signs that have gradually become popular landmarks for people to visit and see. Following are some of the most recognizable neon signs all around the world:

1. Circus Liquor

This classic neon sign is located in Los Angeles, California. It features a neon clown that is selling liquor and wine. It is considered as one of the most popular landmarks of North Hollywood. It is more than half a century old, which is indicative of the fact that neon signs tend to last longer than traditional signs. However, as it is a clown, some have considered it as inducing horror, but never the less it’s a landmark that stands proud for all to see. 

2. The Coppertone Girl

This neon sign is a representation of a little girl who loses her bathers to a puppy. It is situated in Miami and is one of the most popular emblems all over the globe. This sign has been relocated a number of times and received several makeovers. However, during the early 1990s, the neon lights were replaced with LEDs. 

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Increasing your Instagram followers and engagement takes a lot of time and effort on your part. Many time-strapped business owners have opted to buy Instagram followers in an attempt to remove some of that stress. 

If you’ve considered the same, you’ve probably received mixed feedback on the subject. Some swear that they couldn’t have reached 10,000 followers in less than a month without the help of purchased Instagram followers. Others say that it challenged the authenticity of their brand. Who is right? 

In reality, both are. Like most quick-lead marketing strategies, there are pros and cons to consider. If you want to know if buying Instagram followers is the right step for you, consider this list that explores the positives and negatives. 

Pro: You can see quick engagement.  

Lack of engagement is one challenge many marketers face with their Instagram marketing. Without engagement, you’ll have a hard time gaining more followers and eventually reaching influencer status. 

Purchased followers can help with this. If you pre-determine engagement as your goal, real Instagram followers will comment on posts, like posts, and follow your followers. They’ll endorse your products and help generate more interaction with your target audience. 

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