In a failed secret mission in 22079, Agent Snow (Guy Pearce) is considered to do betrayal to the US government party and he is threatened to get imprisonment at a prison space named M.S. One. This jail is a place where high profile prisoners placed. In this prison, the prisoners are drugged sleep in a storage box until their sentence is done.

On different situation, US president’s daughter named Emilie Warnock (Maggie Grace) is visiting M.S One for humanitarian mission. This visit changes to be a disaster when one of prisoners successfully opens the prison access and hostage Emilie.

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Due to chemical accident in laboratory, a bug suddenly changes to be a horrible monster and haunting Paris residents, France. Raoul (Adam Goldberg) and Emile (Jay Harrington) feel responsible on this accident and try to hunt the monster.

One of city officials of Paris, commissioner Maynott (Danny Huston) was exploiting that tense situation for stealing public attention in order to be elected as mayor. Along with the adjutant, Pate (Bob Balaban), the two collect a power to kill the monster for increasing the prestige when Paris mayoral election campaign.

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It is a time when several characters of superheroes in comic serial perform together in one mission saving the world from crime.

S.H.I.E.L.D (Strategic Homeland Intervention Enforcement Logistics Division), It is an agent which servers as world peace keeper. It is predicted that he world has already dominated by a wicked power. Nick Furry, the leader of the S.H.I.E.L.D suddenly call all world superheroes to join in the Avengers, to against wicked power trying to lead the world.

Marvel The Avengers that is the attainment of Stan Lee, now is carried by Marvel Studios together with Walt Disney Pictures to the widescreen version.  Under the direction of reliable director, Joss Whedon, The Avengers is ready to stomping super hero world. Besides the action which is full of tension, the viewers will surely get humanism side of the superheroes. It is because besides the action, the sense of humor and melancholic taste color this movie as well. Here are the superheroes join to this movie:

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The age of the sitcom and episodic drama is over. Now, many popular television shows are more like long movies with each episode built onto the last as it works toward a compelling climax. There are dozens of amazing new programs from both premium and regular cable channels. Here are the top five shows to look out for in the coming months:

1.) The Walking Dead. Based on a popular graphic novel, just completed its second season and fans are already clamoring for its return. Combining zombie survival with complex character-driven narratives and lots of intrigue, The Walking Dead is one of the most innovative revivals of horror on television. Even more interesting is the show''s interactive fan site and talk show, The Talking Dead, which encourages viewers to chime in with opinions and speculation.

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